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Hybrid Process Workshops at Project Basho

  1. Shinnya

    We are excited to offer two new workshops related to Hybrid process at our studio in Philadelphia, PA.

    On March 14th & 25th, we are inviting Michael Mutansky to run Real World Scanning Workshop. This is a one weekend workshop where you will learn about the art of scanning in depth.

    On May 16th and 17, we are offering Digital Negative Workshops with Ron Reeder. This workshop will utilize Quadtone RIP to optimize the your ink output to achieve smooth gradation of your images.

    We are also offering Carbon Printing as well as Wet Plate Collodion Workshop this spring. To see the full listing, please take a look at our website.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your attention.

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