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Wet Plate Digital

  1. gr82bart
    Here's a great article on a local CT photographer who does wet plates using digital capture. I'll be inviting him to speak at the Photo Arts Collective next year.


    And his website: http://www.jodydole.com/

    Regards, Art.
  2. Marco B
    Marco B
    To be honest, the article doesn't state any hybrid technique, it only mentiones him scanning his wet plates... And afterwards editing them in Photoshop... I expected something in the line of a digital negative somehow used to create a real tintype, not a digital print of a scanned tintype...
  3. nsurit
    Not being an expert and having done a bit of wet plate I can see how one might be drawn to the suggested techniques. Tin types don't scan particularly well and each is a one of a kind. Getting to that "perfect" result requires time, money and energy. Not sure I'm going to rush in and start making digital images of my tin types and then working on them with PS.
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