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Moving to KS

  1. pthornto
    Howdy Kansans!

    I'm moving to Lawrence next month to start a job at KU. Just wondering if there are any shops in town or elsewhere in east Kansas that stock film/film equipment? Do photogs in Lawrence get together to share their work or go shooting? Where are your favorite spots to take pictures?

    I'm looking forward to seeing someplace new and finding out more about the state!

  2. jsouther
    Hi Paul,

    I can tell you that there is a shop located south of campus in a plaza off of 23rd street called Image Works. I've worked with them for years. Great people. Up until recently they were the only place in the area that I know of that did their own E6 processing in house. Now they are sending it out. Anyway... they sell slide film in 35mm and 120 as well as some c41 in 35mm and 120. They also have a small selection of B+W film in 35 and 120 and I think a little 4x5 as well.

    They sell Ilford paper and some basic B+W chemistry and graduates.

    Another place I know of would be Cricks Camera in Kansas City. They have a small darkroom section of mainly Ilford products. They also sell some film and have a used camera section (pricey) which was nice to see. They've got Acros in 35mm which I was glad to buy from them.

    I can't say I recommend them, but Wolfes camera in Topeka has some enlargers for sale and a section of darkroom materials stuck in the corner of the store where nobody can see it.

    I get in to Lawrence fairly often so feel free to give me a holler if you want to so some photography.

  3. pthornto
    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check out Image Works. I saw their web-page but it looks like it's in the middle of being updated. Do you have any favorite photo locations? I've heard the Flint Hills are nice so will probably end up making a trip there. I also haven't traveled any further West than Lawrence so any cool locations that way would also be interesting.

  4. holmburgers
    Hey, just joined the group and despite this being an old conversation, thought I'd join in! I live in Lawrence and if you ever see a guy carrying around some old Canon's or using a 4x5" monorail... that's probably me. Just built a darkroom in my house as well.

    Unfortunately, as you probably know, Image Works has closed down. Very sad indeed.... but at least there's Kansas City. Overland Photo Supply has a lot of great stuff (4x5, darkroom galore, used lenses, etc.) and Express Photo (Brookside) is a great lab, though not much for sale. The guy there, Steve, seems to be quite the darkroom guru and very nice to boot. There's also a lab near Overland photo supply, near the Home Depot I believe (but can't remember the name). Also, here's a little film shop near Lulu's Thai Noodles in downtown KC that has some paper, some film, TONS OF CHEAP FILTERS/LENS CAPS and a few vintage cameras. IIRC, there are a handful of Nikon F's in a case.

    A must see place in KC is the huge antique store in the River Market area. On the 2nd floor you'll find one of the most mind blowing collections of vintage camera equipment in the Midwest (I feel confident in making this claim!). Tons of really really interesting old stuff, from wooden film holders to crappy polaroids, to Graflex, etc. Amazing.

    Anyways, howdy y'all, don't be a stranger

    Chris H.
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