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Photographing The Knoxville Area

  1. Randall R Bresee
    Hello out there. I shoot 4x5 black & white film, drum-scan the film and then print digitally with a 44inch Z3100 printer. I shoot a variety of subjects but concentrate mostly on landscapes. Living near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides lots of opportunities for landscape photography. Do you have any favorite shooting locations in the Park or the Knoxville area?

    To see some of my work, visit: http://www.RandallRBreseePhoto.com
    and visit: http://Blog.RandallRBreseePhoto.com

    Both sites contain numerous photographs from the Park and a few from the Knoxville area. If you want to discuss any photos or locations, just let me know.
  2. dphphoto
    Hi: I just rejoined APUG after a three or so year absence. I shoot 35mm and 4X5 B&W, primarily landscapes. GSMNP is an obvious favorite. Also: Rugby, TN and the highways there and back.

    I think digital photography is the greatest thing that ever came down the pike. It got all the amateurs out of film.
  3. lancekingphoto
    Welcome to both of you, and my apologies for the slow reply! I've been rather negligent in maintaining the group but plan to be more active.
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