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2nd Wellington Large Format meeting, September 2013

  1. stormpetrel
    Hi guys

    Ready for the 2nd Wellington Large Format meeting?
    What about Saturday 21/09 or Saturday 28/09?

    I propose to meet at the New Zealand Film Archive.
    Proposed agenda: show your last work!
    Any suggestions are welcome!

    Medium format/35mm shooters are welcome too!

    Cheers, Dominique
  2. stormpetrel
    7 people interested!
  3. stormpetrel
    Hi everybody

    Great news, I have received 9 positive replies regarding the 2nd Wellington Large Format meeting! We agreed about the date, it will be the 28th September, 10AM at the Film Archive.
    I have to check with the Film Archives it is ok to do such event in their coffee room this day.

    The agenda of this meeting is to meet each other and to display your work. Nice prints would be great but digital display are welcome too.
    Of course, after this meeting, people are welcome to go and do some shooting together!

    Please send me a PM if you are interested in participating in this event
  4. stormpetrel
    The 2nd Wellington Large Format Photography meeting is still scheduled for this Saturday 28th September at 10AM.
    However as the Film Archive is closed during the weekend, the meeting will happen at the St James Theater,77/87 Courtenay Place.
    There is a very spacious café at the main lobby.
  5. StephenSteinke
    Great News,
  6. CarolEverhart
    Interested in participating in this meeting event.
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