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My DIY 4x5 wide ange camera

  1. Briand
    Hi all:
    just finished my latest project, a 4x5, 6x7, 6x9, point & shoot camera. the body is made from hard wood,it has a 10mm up & down shift, is fitted with a 58mm Schneider XL lens ,the focusing device is from jinfinance ebay in china $160.I'm using my spare horseman back so I can use the horseman roll film backs I have, have taken a test shot yesterday and all looks good so far??? Ive tried to upload some pic,s but haven't bee able to? don't know why.
    Cheers Brian
  2. OldBikerPete
    I've NEVER been able to upload pictures to this forum. The only way to do it seems to be that you have to put the picture in your gallery in your profile then post a link to that.
  3. Briand
    Thanks Pete.
    Must be getting confused with LFF. (Alzheimer's must bee kicking in)
    things have been a bit quiet on the forum ????
    Cheers Brian
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