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Great film carrying solution

  1. SteveR
    Hi guys,

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the general LF area, since it's a bit quiet here lately I thought I'd pop it up there but throw a mention in here too I posted this thread about some neat little padded cells I came across which (for me, for now) are a perfect solution for carrying 4x5 film.
  2. Kevin Caulfield
    Kevin Caulfield
    Yep, great call by Steve. I bought four of these puppies. They are the medium size, currently half price at $12.50 each.
  3. SteveR
    ...and another one:

    Popped in to Aldi the other day and they had some hiking packs. I grabbed a waist pack/shoulder bag, because it has a reflective stripe, thought it'd be handy on the back of my bike. Just playing around with it, I can fit two of the above mentioned Kathmandhu padded bags in there, each filled with 4x5 holders.

    So, there's another one for you, if you need a separate sack to haul your film in (ie, if you hike with a small pack, like I do), this could be a great option. Currently on sale for $9.95
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