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Hi All

  1. Briand
    Well its been awhile since I posted here, I'm finally getting to the Otways, Heading down on Mon 1st to Bimbi park, using that as a base, probably stay 3 nights there, hope to get some good material for my next Book. have bought a few new bits of gear as well, ( Sinar F2, Nikkor SW 75mm & Nikkor T 270mm,) the ultra wide camera is really Great with the 47mmXL.
    October hope to do a big trip along the Vic NSW border into SA then pick up a mate in Maitland SA and head North. finally happy with my exposure Dev combination, using FP4 @ 80 ISO & processing in Adanol ( Rodinal )
    Glad to hear you got a Dark Cloth Pete. they do make a difference.
    Cheers All.
  2. Wyno
    Good luck in the Otways Brian, you're gonna have a ball. If you're going alone be really careful coz some of the trails can be really slippery. Enjoy.
  3. Ian David
    Ian David
    Sounds like you have a few fun weeks ahead of you Brian. Can you show us an FP4/Rodinal example some time? I haven't used Rodinal for ages...

    I just had a few days up in Lamington National Park with the 5x4 set-up. I made myself leave the MF at home this time, so spent some quality time under the darkcloth. Haven't had a chance to process my sheets yet, but hopefully got a couple of keepers. One recent acquisition that I played with was a Lee bellows lens shade. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a pretty light and compact shading option.

  4. SteveR
    Ahhh, sounds fantastic, wish I was coming
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