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Recent purchases?

  1. largeformat pat
    Hi all,
    After reading Briand post about new gear, I thought I'd get the ball rolling about new gear.

    I just got,

    120mm Fujinon that will cover 8x10 with movements.
    300 - 500mm Schneider convertible lens.
    5x7 back to suit my 8x10
    5 5x7 double dark's
    8 8x10 double dark's
    I also picked up a complete CAMBO SCX 8x10 camera. I'm going to cut up the back to make it in to a 11x14. I will get a set of bellows made to suit.
  2. Briand
    Hi Pat.
    Sounds like we have buying fever, good stuff. as a friend always said .( you cant take it with you).
    sounds like a big project. all the best
  3. Wyno
    Arrived in the mail today from the good ol' boys at B&H. A brand new 120mm Nikon SW. Unfortunately I forgot to order a lensboard, so I ordered one of those and a lens spanner from Badger Graphics so that the boys at B&H wouldn't know what a dumb arse I was. As soon as the board arrives I get to play. I think a trip to Molonglo Gorge is in order.
  4. Briand
    Hi Guys.
    well Ive been on a spending spree again, Bought a brand new Schneider Linhof 90mm f8( for$480.00 )in its original box . a Schneider 120mm Super Angulon & 180mm Symar.
    + lens boards to suit. Have been stocking up on 4x5 Ilford FP$ from the States at $28.00 a box Exp 2014. now have 200 sheets in the fridge.Had a great time in the Otways ended up staying for four days,
    Heading of on Wednesday to the Ballarat Photo Bi Annual for a couple of days.now have to start planning my trip to NSW & SA. in October.
    Cheers Brian
  5. Wyno
    Mate. All you seem to do is go on holidays. Sincerely jealous. Enjoy the bi ennial.
  6. Briand
    Hi Mike
    thanks Mate, that's the beauty of being retired!!!!!
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