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8x10 dark slides... (and an idea...)

  1. SteveR
    "What about them" I can hear you asking, well... I'm wondering if anyone has any they're wanting to sell off? I'm just looking for a trashy one for a project I'm hoping to have a play with this year. So, if you've got half a dozen, but your aching back will only carry five on the trail, maybe it's time to let one go

    In case you're wondering, the project revolves around a beautiful old lens I happened across maybe ten years ago. It's a 400mm Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, a big boy with a 4" diameter. I was just in the middle of listing it on ebay (having a big clean out at the moment) and thought I'd have another look through it, since it had been a few years. I stuck it in the window and drew the curtains around it, got a lovely image on a piece of 11/14 mat board I held up... that got me thinking... it was only two days ago I was chatting to Dad about paper negatives and how I had wanted to play around with them... hmmm...

    So anyway, I'm going to knock up a real rough 'n' ready camera to play with, just two semi-fixed lens & film standards with a black vinyl tube between the two. The lens has a sliding focus of about 3" within its housing, so the standards may only need to have rough focus guides (ie, the old one person, a few people, a mountain kind of thing) to show where to clamp or screw them down. Anyway, like I said, it's just a project that's been kicking around in my brain for a while and I'm finally inspired to do something with it... Who knows, if I can get decent coverage at 11x14 (which my little window test suggestsI very well might) I might have to work out how to knock up 11x14 slides of my own.
  2. SMBooth
    Steve if you like I have a 8x10 pinhole the could be used to start your project. It 200mm focal length and takes a 8x10 filmholder. You could get it when we go to Noojee.
  3. SteveR
    Thanks for the offer Shane, I'd be interested to see what it looks like. My plans for this project so far are very rudimentary, and a little hazy, so any inspiration/starting points are interesting!
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