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A little tip

  1. largeformat pat
    I used a DYNO tape gun, one of the new thermal ones. And made labels for all my lens boards. Just the filter size. Also I went to the eject shop and purchased square plastic containers which hold my lenses with board attached. These then fit into a padded carry bag. 6 lens in one bag, name on top with the gun again.
    Hope this helped some one as I'm beyond help
  2. Ian David
    Ian David
    Thanks for the thoughts Pat - I knew that the Dymo guns would make a comeback!
    I use Domke padded lens wraps for my lenses and boards - they are excellent.
  3. SteveR
    Interesting idea Pat, I've been looking at a new sort of 'system' for my lenses, I could imagine plastic containers with a little padding might work out quite well. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm imagining something like a school lunchbox?
  4. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    Very similar, My cambo boards are about 200mm x 200mm square. Depending on the lens, this determines the height of the box. I have my 90mm F8, 121mm F8, 240mm F5.6 and 420mm F8 all stored in these boxes. The only one that doesn't fit is the 360mm to long for the off the self boxes. I don't worry about padding except where the lid doesn't hole the lens tight. The individual boxes are stacked inside a padded and reinforced insulated bag I got from coles. A soft sided esky. I then cut MDF to fit the sides to give it more strength. I don't miss treat the bag any way.
  5. SteveR
    Ahhh, I love home-grow ingenuity! Good one Pat! So, now I know that not everyone carrying a lunchbox & esky is heading out for a sunrise picnic Thanks again for the neat ideas.
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