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Hi to All

  1. Briand
    Hi Everyone.
    Have returned form my trip to Adelaide and the Yorke Penisular, Managed to catch up with Steve Nicholes while I was in Adelaide, didnt get much done with the Large Format while I was away, still trying to get better negs for scanning, finally got the Delta 100 sorted, now need to run test on the ERA,
    some of the negs have been to dense to scan,
    Using LC29 1+19 @ 6 min for the Delta 100, this is giving me good negs for Scanning, will try ID11 for the ERA, see what happens,
    Am heading to Sydney next month, and have arranged to catch up with Carey, hope to do a shoot with him in the Blue Mountains,
    Cheers to all
  2. Ian David
    Ian David
    Brian - Nice to hear you are using the network and meeting a few other LFers!
    I keep wanting to head out for a day of shooting, but the weather up here lately has been miserable. Sitting under a darkcloth at the moment would be a bit too much like a sauna...
    So I have taken the opportunity to send off a couple of Copal shutters for a CLA instead.
  3. Wyno
    Glad you got to meet Steve, Brian. He's a nice guy who knows an awful lot. I met him on an APUG meet at Halls Gap in 2006 when I still had my 4x5 Nagaoka. He was shooting with a 4x5 Shen Hao. I was so impressed with the camera, that I bought one for myself. Then I got G.A.S. and bought a 8x10.
    Hope you have good luck with the ERA scanning. I'm heading out this weekend to try out the EFKE 25 ASA film I bought before Xmas.
  4. Briand
    Hi Wyo.
    would be interested to hear how you go with the Efke 25asa, yesterday I modified a 4x5 dark slide to shoot 6x12 on sheet film, was very easy conversion havent tried it yet.will let you all know the results, just needs a little care loading and unloading the sheets.
  5. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    Have a look on Eb*y and see if you can pick up a CAMBO roll film back. They make them from 6 x 7, 6 x 9 and 6 x 12. You use 120 film and slide the back into your Graflox back just the same as a dark slide. Some are very expensive wherein if you watch you can often pick on up quiet cheap with buy it now. There is no need to cut film. I have a 6 x 9 which I carry with my 4 x 5, in case I run out of sheet film or want to shoot another film type.
    Hope this helps
  6. Briand
    Hi Pat.
    Thanks for the advice, I have a 6x7 & 6x9 Horseman back also a 6x7 camulet back, have been looking for a 6x12 horseman back but are a bit expensive, so came up with the idea of making a 6x12 back out of a dark slide still yet to test it, will let you know how it goes. using 4x5 sheet film, hope the Efke goes OK?
    Cheers Brian
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