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  1. Ian David
    Here's a shot from up at Lamington National Park back in April. I was playing around with the plane of focus and basically ran it along through the interlocking branches above the path. I might do things a bit differently next time I am back in the same spot, but the overall effect is close to what I was looking for.
    This is one of those photos that profits from being printed a little bigger I reckon. The amount of fine detail in the branch canopy is pretty cool...

  2. SMBooth
    Works really well, you get pulled right through the image.
  3. Wyno
    Hi Brian,
    just had a look at your picture of Mt Stirling. I'm with Shane on this. The low angle and depth of field remind of David Muench's work, which I have always liked.
  4. Briand
    great shot, like the way the path leads you into the picture, must have been a challenge to set up,
    Hi Mike thanks for the comments, much appreciated,
  5. Ian David
    Ian David
    Thanks Shane, Brian. Actually the main challenge was a group of walkers who came along the path (which I was pretty effectively blocking) just as I was getting ready to load the film...
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