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I guess I'm the only large format user?

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  1. largeformat pat
    What can I say. We have valuable resource here and nobody is using it. Brian has posted a couple of images, well thats it. We have 23 like minded people in OZ lets talk some more..
  2. Briand
    I agree Pat:
    There are 23 members: Where are you all.would be a shame to lose the site through lack of use, Just my thoughts,!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  3. Wyno
    Well guys,
    I've been off to Steavensons Falls in the Otways last week and I've processed the negs, but I've run out of paper and I'm hoping to get some today. If you're ever down this way it's a fairly easy drive to Steavenson's Falls and an easy walk to the falls from the carpark. At the moment there is not much water coming over, but it's still nice.
    I've started shooting with the
    Efke 25 ASA and have done one test print on the last sheet of Ilford fibre based paper I had. It looks very nice and the negs seem to be tougher than every one was warning me about. I didn'nt use any hardener in the fixer when I processed them and I think there are no scratches on them. I wasn't shooting skies so I can't tell you if you need to be careful when processing if you want them to be even. Hopefully I'll print some from the Falls shoot tomorrow and then I'll be able to scan the prints and put them up on Flickr for you guys to see.
  4. Briand
    thats great will look forward to seeing you prints when you get the chance to put them up, seems we like to photograph Waterfalls, I think they are great subjucts, but looking forward to my falls Creek trip,
    cheers brian
  5. trotkiller
    Loaded some 4x5 Tri-X on the weekend, just gotta find some time to get out and shoot it
  6. OldBikerPete
    I spent the last two days in the Otways, based at Forrest - my first LF expedition since Alambee Beek Falls last June. I managed to get up at 5:30AM and try for a sunrise at Elizabeth Lake. I now think that the lake does not favour sunrise photography. By the time enough light gets into the bowl of the lake for a reasonable exposure, the color has disappeared from the sky. I burned a few negs at multi-minute exposure times but I am not optimistic of a good result.
    I was going to folow up with a re-visit to Alambee Beek Falls with the wife but Parks Management were burning off along the road which leads to the start of the walking track.
    I hope they don't burn up all the track markers!
  7. Briand
    Hi Pete:
    sounds like a couple of good days,I havent been down to the Otways for years, hope to organize somthing when i come down that way in a few weeks. look forward to seeing your Pics.
    cheers Brian
  8. OldBikerPete
    Briand said "Hi Pete:
    sounds like a couple of good days,I havent been down to the Otways for years, hope to organize somthing when i come down that way in a few weeks. look forward to seeing your Pics.
    cheers Brian"

    Here's a couple of snaps. Development of my 5x4 negs will be delayed until I get a round toit.



    BTW. I will be spending Easter up at Tolmie (as you know, this is about 35Km North of Mansfield) camping on the Tolmie show(?) ground with the Jackaroo 4WD club. Our paths may cross.


    PS. The pictures, although uploaded and showing on my APUG album OK don't become visible for me here. How are they for you?
  9. Briand
    Hi pete'
    pictures open in the link OK for me, you will be driving past my road on your way to Tolmie, Sawpit Gully Rd about 14 - 15 k's out of Mansfield on the Tolmie Rd. we might catch up while your up.
    Cheers Brian
  10. SMBooth
    Been out a bit the last couple of weeks, spent some time with the 6x12 in the Highplains just east of Falls Ck on the longweekned, and shot up to Melville caves with Gary to check it out. Looks promising but need some spring light, so only shot a couple to finish the roll film. Next weekend walking Mt Cobbler to Mt Speculation but won't be talking the LF, pure lightweight trip this one.
  11. Briand
    Hi Booth.
    Its Great country up there, even in bad weather. hope you get some good shots, have walked most of the high country up here some 25 to 30 years ago, what film are you using in the 6x12?
    cheers Brian
  12. SMBooth
    ATM using Arcos which I'm liking. Yes very nice country, have not been to Mt Cobbler/Spec since the fires so be interesting to see how it came up. Trouble is its pretty hilly and taking the LF is a burden.

  13. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    Go one take the large format, no pain no gain.
  14. Briand
    Be Game!!!!! take it, the road from Cobbler to Spec has be fixed up, (so DSE tells me) the only hard climb is to the top of Spec. Be A Devil take the big one
  15. SMBooth
    No the hard climb is up over Mt Koonika coming from Kings Hut. Spec track back to Lake Cobbler will just be a slog back... Maybe i'll borrow Mikes 8x10 just to be a real man....
  16. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    A couple of cup fulls of concrete just to harden up?????????.
    Enjoy mate.
  17. Wyno
    Hey Shane, "you can have it if you really want" on loan that is. Don't forget you also have to take the Manfrotto 075 tripod. Welcome to my world.
  18. SMBooth
    Your all heart Mike........
    Got some Fomatone MC 132 from Chris at Blanco today, cannot wait to try it out. Also have some Superlith to go with it.
  19. Wyno
    I've just loaded five or six new photos onto Flickr. They are very rough scans of very rough prints. I haven't yet done finals of these as I ran out of fibre based paper, so don't pick too much. This Efke film captures so much detail, it's scary.

  20. Athiril
    Just joined, I've been shooting LF for about a year... only got a Speed Graphic 4x5" with Ektar 127/4.7 though, got some Fomapan 100 (hate it, should have bought Shanghai or ERA, love that stuff in other formats), Pro 160S, and expired Ektachrome duplicating film, been shooting a few paper negatives too since its cheap as

    I live just north of Byron Bay.

    I dont have any problem taking my LF anywhere, but its pretty light.. in comparison to the other stuff I use.

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