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New tripod!

  1. Ian David
    Well, after a bit of an investigation of the options, I recently splurged on a wooden tripod. Anyone else here use one? I ended up going for the Ries H100, and it arrived a few days ago. Wow - what a nice piece of work! I don't think it will be my go-to item for 20k hikes, as it is a bit heavier than my other hiking set-up, but it sure looks and feels nice with the wooden field camera. I reckon wood and analog photography are a good match.

  2. Briand
    Hi Ian:
    would love to see a pic of the new aquisition. I agree wooden cameras and tripod look sweet together
    cheers Brian.
  3. SteveR
    Wow Ian, that sounds fantastic. I was actually just on the Reis site not more than a couple hours ago, they certainly do have some very nice equipment! Not anything I could justify splurging on in the near future though, but I got on to them beause I've been looking at wooden surveyors tripods for a while now. I agree with Brian, it would be great to see a portrait of the new happy couple

    Just out of curiosity, what was/is your 'old hiking setup'?

  4. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    A large format hiking outfit only weighs 60Kg's........... Nice tripod the Reis. Thought about it myself, then got the Manfrotto for a song.
  5. Ian David
    Ian David
    Brian, Steve
    As requested, here is a photo of the 4x5 set-up on the Reis H100 (taken with the wife's old pocket digital). Now I just need to get that tripod out into the bush to knock a bit of character into it!
    Steve - my usual hiking set-up is a Gitzo G1197 tripod with Acratech Ultimate Ballhead. Total weight of tripod, ballhead and strap is 1.75kg - it works OK with 4x5, but I wouldn't want to try an 8x10 on it! It is actually best for MF I reckon.
    p.s. How rubbish is the Reis website?! I had to do a fair bit of asking around before I worked out what I wanted to know...

  6. Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis
    I have an old Miller wooden tripod in good nick - probably not as gooding looking as the Ries. Miller sold their last one a few years ago I think. I will never sell it, and must start using it - just to keep up with you Ian, or should I say, just to keep as backward as you!
    “Why think about new soon to be obsolete gear when you can have that experience today” Anon
  7. Ian David
    Ian David
    Yeah, I enjoy being a bit backward Anthony. I do have a mobile phone, but not a model that anyone else would willingly carry these days!
    The combination of wood, leather and metal is very nice - field cameras, wooden tripods, cricket with a can of beer...
  8. Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis
    My job insists that I keep up a little with the modern world. But I dream of a day of no electronic gadgets, one phone on the wall, no answering machine, letter writing, a car I can change the spark plus on, and people without wires hanging out there ears. That bush retreat is not that far off. I bet we all watch the 'Collectors' on he ABC. I do, and they're are the gadgets I like - old things.
  9. Briand
    H Ian
    sorry couldnt get your link to open for me to look at your setup (rats), well Im not to backward, but I do have a bush retreat 18k's out of town and its great,lots of peace and quiet. will be heading down Geelong way in a few weeks to drop a friend back home, so hope to maybe do some work down that way before heading back
    Cheers Brian.
  10. Ian David
    Ian David
    Sorry Brian - I'll have another go. Hopefully the picture will actually appear within the post this time...

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