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New camera

  1. SMBooth
    Not so much new as reborn. After lugging a fixed lens Razzle around in the rucksack bushwalking and then deciding it was to heavy and bulky I looked around for something to convert, I would of like a Polaroid J66 but the 340 I use was $20.00 delivered from ebay so it was worth a try.
    Turned out easier than I thought, the back just came off and a bit a 3mmcraftwood was cut to fit across the back using a couple of aluminum brackets to mount it. I was in 2 minds about the back I could of done something like the Razzle with springs but as I was trying to streamline things and pack small I settled on the back you see, as most likely it will have a 6x12 back fitted all the time. I just need to work a nice way to attach it. Really only had to change the len plate due to using a different lens, just another bit off aluminum with a 35mm hole. Focus is fixed at 3.2m so at f22 everything is in focus, this worked well on the razzle. The mechanics on the 340 does allow closer focusing by sliding a rail across so thats a bonus but in does not take much of a movement to go from 3m to 1m.

    More photos here > http://www.flickr.com/photos/isisfor...7623878823730/
  2. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    Very nice, Does it come in red?
  3. OldBikerPete
    Shane, you've obviously got far too much free time on your hands. Nice piece of work. But it hasn't got movements, so it's not LF.Peter.
  4. SMBooth
    Pat: it does need a coat of paint to finish, but I don't think its going to be red... possibly any colour as long as its black.
    Pete: Yes I should be out taking photo I know. It has movements, I can point it up and I can point it down
  5. pellicle
    don't worry about Pete ... I think its a bottler!
  6. SteveR
    Sure does look compact, very nice.
  7. SMBooth
    Yes, folds nice and compact, best of all it only weighs 750gram so quite good to throw in the rucksack with a few darkslides, or the 6x12 roll film back.
  8. Kevin Caulfield
    Kevin Caulfield
    Nice work. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  9. SteveR
    Sounds great. When I was 'upgrading' from a monorail to a field camera, I saw something similar to this, fixed lens, roll back, I'd thought it would be a neat, compact compromise. Often when I'm out I come across more compositions that feel suit the 6x12 than the 4x5, hmmm... I think you may have inspired me again!
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