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Queens Birthday Long Weekend

  1. largeformat pat
    Any large format shooters wish to journey to the Upper Hunter on this weekend? 14/06/2010
    I propose and morning of shooting and an afternoon of darkroom fun. Followed by a BBQ. There is a nice motel in town run by Norman Bates. Then on Sunday morning a breakfast before heading off. Those who wish to head out again and repeat Saturday are more than welcome.
    The Barrington Tops are only a good stones throw away. Have a look on the web and see what you think.
    Hopefully I will get some takers.
  2. SteveR
    Sounds great Pat! I think it'll be a bit out of my way though
  3. OldBikerPete
    Hmm. That's a long trek from Melbourne. Attractive, though. Will have to start the propaganda campaign. Peter
  4. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    Is the propaganda directed at the ministry of finance? Maybe if she doesn't wish to travel one of the boys from down there might wish to join you. The Aberdeen motels number is (02) 65 43 79 99 I just checked with the Motel and they have vacancies at present. Have a look at the National Parks NSW website and have a look at Barrington tops. If they is snow falls the higher roads are closed off. (weekend warriors in their 4x4's. They normally go off road once a week, onto the kerb to wash it) The police have fun pulling them out of harm. A good mate just wants his boss to allow him to shoot them. If the higher roads are blocked there is still tons of places around the base of the tops. Scone and nearby areas have some historic buildings and nice vistas.
    If there were a couple of ladies there are Markets in Scone ( depending on the weekend) There are also shops full of doilies and dust gatherers.
    See how you all go.
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