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Hi People

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  1. Briand
    Hi All.
    Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and safe New Year.
    It would be a shame to see the forum close, I think it has value even if some of us are slow to post, there is valuable info to be had,
    If any one is interested in coming to my area to do some LF I may be able to put you up,contact me on 03 57769843,
    Cheers Everyone.
  2. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    I do know it is hard to post sometimes, especially in the warmer months. I check in every 2nd day to see what is happening. Shame when it goes for a month without anything happening.
    Sean has set up a great site and they have given us a powerful tool I just got us the space and made it pretty, we should be using it, we are scattered across the country and all have varied ways of doing thing, post more and it may help somebody else do it easier.
  3. Wyno
    I would post more, but I have not been doing much shooting lately and no longer have easy access to a darkroom to process negs. I also have to find somewhere with a scanner that takes 8x10 negs to upload. Hopefully next year will see me doing more and posting the results.
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