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bout to order from Freestyle, anyone want to join?

  1. SteveR
    Hi guys, the up coming print exchange made me realise how low I am on 'good' paper (ie, stuff less than 10-20 years old... yes, I was lucky to inherit a good stock), so I'm going to place an order for a few bits and pieces with Freestyle. If anyone wants to team up and split the postage costs, just let me know, I plan to place the order later this week.

    I'm in Melbourne (North West) but regularly travel between Geelong and Melbourne's Eastern suburbs (Ringwood way), so drop-off's could easily be arranged.

  2. Wyno
    Hi Steve,
    I definitely can't afford a 100 sheet box, but I might order a 25 sheet pack with you if that's OK.
  3. Ian David
    Ian David
    Thanks Steve, but I am right for the moment. Any more film in the freezer and I will get into some domestic strife...
  4. Kevin Caulfield
    Kevin Caulfield
    I just put in an order with them a few days ago, so I think I'm okay, thanks.
  5. SMBooth
    I want to try out some Arista II Ortho lith film and Fomalux 312 contact speed paper so Ill could go a couple of 25 sheet packs
  6. SteveR
    G'day guys,

    I plan to put the order through tomorrow (...or Friday, if I'm too flat out tomorrow), so if you could email me exactly what you're after, as well as its cost (just to double check I'm ordering the correct items) by tomorrow afternoon, that would be fantastic. sdrobb at hotmail.com
  7. OldBikerPete
    I could be up for a box or two of Portra 400NC/10 model No. 1254291 5x4 Sheet color neg. I live in the North-West of Melbourne also (Keilor East, Melway 27B2) so we could meet up.
  8. SteveR
    Great Pete, shoot me an email (sdrobb at hotmail.com) to confirm, and then I can just email everyone in one hit with updates too. Cheers.
  9. OldBikerPete
    Email sent yesterday, SteveR.

  10. SteveR
    Hmmm, that's really strange, it hasn't come through. I'll pop the portra on the shopping list for you anyway.

  11. OldBikerPete
    I'll change that order.I'm up for ONE box of 10 sheets Portra 400NC model No. 1254291 5x4 Sheet color neg. @ US$25.49
    Also ONE box of 10 sheets Ektar 100 model No.1587484 5x4 Sheet color neg. @ US$24.99
    Total US$50.48


    PS PM Sent.
  12. SteveR
    Right-o, order is going in right now, didn't get a chance yesterday!
  13. SMBooth
    Steve, thanks for dropping by and giving me the goods. Now just need the time to use it.
  14. SteveR
    Not a problem at all Shane, was good to chat, I had a look at some o your pinhole images when I got home, very impressive! Would love to see how you go with the Lith. Your payment showed up in my bank account this morning too, so thanks for that.
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