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Impressionist painters and the camera

  1. Wyno
    Hi guys,
    I'll be giving a talk at about 9.00 on the affect the new fangled invention called photography had on the Impressionist painters of the 19th century. I was originally asked to give a talk on why I use a lLF camera by the course coordinator, but the teacher asked me to do this.
    I'm bringing along the 8x10 and some negs and some colour prints that were done with a 4x5 and some B & W contact prints from the 8x10. Hopefully I'll get some of the art students interested in film photography, or at least interested enough to pick up a camera (any camera) and give it a go.
    I'll post more later and let you all know whether it was a success or a bust.
  2. OldBikerPete
    Break a leg Mike! I was trying to think up something witty to say along the lines of relating personal experience of the 19th century but its seems to be beyond me.

  3. Briand
    Hi Mike.
    Hope it all goes well, spread the word
    Cheers Brian.
  4. Wyno
    Well guys, it went well. I didn't trip over my own tongue, and I got good feedback from the teacher. He's even talking about getting me back to do another one. Now I have to prepare one on doing photo tours in the Otways for our Tourism section. I checked on the net and no one seems to be doing tours aimed at photographers in the Otway region. Looks like there might be an opening for me.
  5. Kevin Caulfield
    Kevin Caulfield
    Well done, Mike. You may have a new career path happening as we speak.
  6. SteveR
    ahhh, good stuff! That explains why I couldn't spot yo uwhen I popped into the library between interviews, gave me a chance to have a flick through 'The print' instead.

    I've been asked by our art teacher here to take a grade 6 art class on photography... so any pointers you picked up would be appreciated!
  7. Wyno
    Steve, how did the interviews go?
    I hit them with a lot of little snippets of info that they wouldn't think to look for. They were art students and they only think of the art side of things, not the photography side. None of them, including the teacher, knew that Degas painted blurred figures, because he was working from photographs where the the time exposure had cause moving figures to be blurred. Mind you, I didn't know that either until I read it in an article about him.
    I'm not too sure if I want to do this full time, as I'm not really very good with public speaking. Small groups are fine, but anything over about 20 I start talking too fast and tripping over my own tongue.
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