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I'm here still

  1. largeformat pat
    I have been sitting in the stalls, working and shooting a few darkslides here and there. The darkroom is almost complete and I have the durst L184 up and running with the aristo cold light head. Have done a couple of 16 x 20's from the 8 x10 negs and WOW. Have been using the densitometer to check the density of the pyro negs ( blue channel) have got it worked out very well. I have also been printing Plat/Pall with mixed results. The other day set up to exposed. Warmed chemicals, selected neg, coated paper and dried. Set up, opened the door the hazy cloud had rolled in, one hour later still nothing. I said to partner "Fuck me I could have painted it in that time". Have the process going well, coating no problems, (coating rod I made) It was all down to the paper. Have an exhibition promised to me for the end of the year 30 - 40 prints. Hope a few buyers attend. I just think of the framing costs.
  2. SteveR
    Good to hear your darkroom's been keeping you busy Pat. I'm in (the very early stages of) the process of building a semi-permanent in one of our sheds, I was thinking I should pick your brains re. safelights.
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