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Velvia 50 8x10

  1. Wyno
    Hi guys,
    One of the LF shooters on the LF photography forum, who lives in Queensland has offered me a couple of sheets of 8x10 Velvia to try out. If I get good results, this could end with me flat broke after every payday coz I've spent it all on more film or processing or .......
    I used 4x5 Velvia 50 and loved it, so it will be something to really look forward to seeing on the lightbox.
  2. SMBooth
    What do you intend to do with it after processing? Scan or "chrome
  3. SteveR
    Let me know when you've got one developed and I'll be across the road in a flash! I've made cute little 'sky boxes' out of chromes before, would be amazing to make an 8x10 one!
  4. Wyno
    I usually get them scanned at Bond Imaging and then printed by them, but after the last few posts about Ilfochrome (which I thought I couldn't get anymore), I might give Steve Frizza a go.
  5. SteveR
    Mike, you've mentioned Bond Imaging before, are they Geelong based? I'm trying to get a feel for what local suppliers are around here. I popped into the Camera House the other day and was very surprised to see a corner full of papers & chemicals... no prices though, which isn't a good sign! From what I've heard, Frizza does great work, good to keep business in 'the family' too
  6. Wyno
    Bond Imaging are in Richmond. When I lived in Melbourne I used them al the time. Now that I'm in Geelong, I don't use them as much but I do still send my chromes to them for processing. I just stick them in the box they came in (all taped up), and post it through the normal mail. Never had a problem.
  7. SteveR
    Okay, very interesting. I've almost always used Vanbar since I've been in Melbourne, their prices for processing aren't too bad, compared to some places back in SA at least! it'd be interesting to see what Steve Frizza is charging, I think at the moment my 4x5's are about $5 a pop at Vanbar (with a member discount of course!).
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