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Just Got back my M7 from Leica repair

  1. michael9793
    Several months ago my Leica M7 just stopped metering and the shutter stopped working as though the battery was dead. Now if you don't know about M7's they work on 60th of a sec and any f/stop when the battery is bad. But the battery wasn't bad so I sent in finally and they replaces the circuit board, adjusted the meter,adjusted shutter speed tolerance, CLA and something with the leather.
    TOTAL= $678.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now these cameras began production in 2002 so this camera isn't that old. Plus I used it in the Amazon and here in the streets . last year. out of warranty I was stuck. Be careful of you Leica's they can be very expensive to repair.
  2. allbee
    Perhaps I was lucky enough...
    I send it because the shutter button stopped to work.
    Just three days after the camera was back. Everything works perfectly now and I paid around 100$.
    And a friend of mine sent a M8.2 with a "coffee stain" on screen and a lot of dust on the sensor (yes, the silly things in digital world). He payed nothing at all (still garantee, after more than 2 years).
    This nice people are in Nidau, Leica Switzerland.
  3. shutterclank
    it depends on to whom you send it. leica tends to have astronomical repair costs.

    you can look for private repair shops that will do it...

    leica shops
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