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Leica info

  1. niemolens
    Hello Group,
    Not so much as a discussion, but a call for help. I am looking for a circuit diagram, especially the section for the shutter release for my Leica R 5 ( made in Portugal )
    I also would need a spare part: The lever combination to close down the diaphragm, for checking depth of field. I f any body can help, I would appreciate that very much
    Regards, Thomas (niemo)
  2. niemolens
    My repair shop got the circuit diagram, then I can finally start to use my R 5 again. I have some special film and developer, will report results.
  3. shutterclank
    did it work?
  4. niemolens
    Hello shutterclank,

    I only saw the reply now. I thought there would be a notification from the system re. replies. I did get a 3 page circuit diagram from Wetzlar, but the agency in Cape Town is not really geared for R models. They sent the camera to Germany, however, Leitz was not willing to repair it. Would be un-economical. So, I have to use the camera on the manual 1/100 or any time exposure on B, as long as can guess the slow timing. I have a couple of projects for studio photography, where I can control the light and stick with a precise 1/100

    Hope to publish some examples of my work still this year.

    Thomas ( niemolens )
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