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Filters for Focomat 2c

  1. shutterclank
    I just recently expanded my darkroom to include a gorgeous Focomat 2C.

    however, it didnt come with filters. i entirely use black and white film and papers.

    should i get the Ilford 6x6 ones and cut them down?
  2. shutterclank
    i did get the Ilford 6x6 and cut them down, if anyone out there is interested...
  3. Hilo
    Re the filters, yes you did the right thing! Assuming you have the filter tray version.

    And yes, I am interested !

    A suggestion: when you move the lensholder to the left to use the 60mm, you should not only squeeze and make the move, but squeeze AND lift the lensholder up a bit . . . and then you move it to the left. If you don't lift it up, the part that pops out to sit ON the cam, it pops out AGAINST the cam and gives too strong a pressure to the Bowden cable. The main reason why so many are broken.
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