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I just got a new M6

  1. shutterclank
    Sup Leica users. I just got a black m6 classic with a 90mm teleelmarit and placed an order for the leicatime case with the m6 cutout and a black soft shutter release. It's my new street setup. I'll post pics as soon as I process rolls!!!
  2. jmccle
    I have owned an M6 for several years. For it I have a number of lenses. During the past couple of years, I have been caught up in the digital era. Just recently, I have been familiarizing myself with the M6 and have begun to work with it. I have shot several rolls of Fujifilm 200 and have learned how I can get it processed. However, I have had the images put on a CD. I have just begun to learn about PhotoShop. I will have to admit that I never worked in the darkroom and will never do so. For many years, photography has been my driving interest. I have a particular love for my Leica. I am an old guy, and my photography helps to keep me going. I plan to post some photos made with my M6 on this group.
  3. shutterclank
    I look forward to seeing your images. i have an M6 and four M4s. I have a darkroom, but i still use a scanner to get them onto the internets. the sharpness of the glass is one of the many features that draws me to the leicas...
  4. Steve Bellayr
    Steve Bellayr
    With proper exposure there is not much need for photoshop with a film Leica, at least that has been my experience. When I want to blow up and image I use a professional lab.
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