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Leitz filters for Black and White Film

  1. BradleyK
    Given that an ever-increasing amount of my RF shooting seems to be in black and white (HP5/Tri-x, as well as an growing amount of PanF Plus), I would like to begin building up a collection of filters for shooting black and white (chiefly the green and yellow filters in 39mm, 46mm and 55mm sizes). My preference would be to keep things Leica. The problem? In this, the digital age, filters are getting damn hard to find. So... any suggestions as to where I should look? I have managed to pick up a few from time-to-time at KEH - but that can be something of a hit-and-miss proposition. Any other sources (Canadian or US preferred)?
  2. rubenkok
    Hi Bradley,
    Marco Schouten in the Netherlands could provide al the filters I whas looking for.
    Hope this is some help.
    Kind regards,
  3. jwhitephoto
    One of the best I have found for Black and White is the B+W Yellow-Green. The 39mm, I am told has been discontinued, but they still show up from time to time on eBay which is where I got mine. I was able to find the 46mm and the 55mm with no problem.
  4. Barry Kirsten
    Barry Kirsten
    Just happened to come across this thread. I agree, yellow-green filters are very useful. B+W certainly have discontinued them, but I was able to buy Heliopan Y-G from B&H, although it has to be ordered in. IMHO there is no difference in quality between Leica, B+W and Heliopan.

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