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Leica Users

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  1. krivisoh
    may I ?............................................ THANKS.
    my equipment : mp,m7,r6.2 , 35 summicron m, 90 elmarit m, 135 tele-elmar m, 28 elmarit r.
    like doing street photography and landscapes.
    would like to do my own developing and printing someday.
  2. T Hoskinson
    T Hoskinson
    My equipment: SS Leica M3, DS Leica M3, Visoflex with 65mm Leitz Canada Elmar, 2 collapsible 50mm Summicrons, 2 rigid 50mm Summicrons, etc.,etc.,
  3. devtank
    I have an M6TTL 35A Lux, 35A Cron & 24A Elmarit and a Tom Winder.
  4. Thanasis
    I became interested in rangefinders fairly recently after finding it difficult to shoot casually with a fairly large 35mm SLR. I picked up a 2nd hand Leica M6 0.72 on the weekend and a brand new CV 35mm/1.4 Nokton to go with it. The newer Leica lenses are way too expensive for me at the moment but if anyone has any good suggestions for a lens 28mm or wider then I am all ears. I shoot mostly black and white in 35mm these days and I develop and print too.
  5. Richard Wasserman
    Richard Wasserman
    The Voigtlander 28mm f/3.5 Color-Skopar and f/2 Ultron are both VERY nice lenses and well priced. You could not go wrong with either one.
  6. Lee L
    Lee L
    I've been very happy with a 21mm f:4 CV Color Skopar. I like something a bit wider than 28, and the 21mm really opens things up while remaining "controllable", in the sense that you can shoot it without appearing too wide if you don't want it to.
  7. jmdco
    My equipment? To shoot: M6 TTL, SUMMICRON 35 mm, LEICA ELMARIT 24 mm, MACRO-ELMAR-M 1:4/90 mm, flash SF20, Sekonic L-758D and Ilford HP5.
    In the darkroom: the Leitz Focomat V35 for paper barium and RC treaty in Ilford and Amaloco chemistry. What fun!
    My site and my blog: with you to visit!
    My English: disastrous
  8. rossawilson1
    Another Leica user to the midst! M6 and 35mm summicron F2, soon to be adding the R system to my arsenal.. can't get enough of that glass!
  9. rossawilson1
    Hey Leicaites, my 28mm Elmarit is for sale on ebay. APUG members can have free worldwide shipping (insurance extra). Item 130270380767.
  10. phc
    Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm a Leica user!

    I use an M6TTL and an M7, with a 50 Summicron and a 50 Summilux. Have a look at www.paulhardycarter.com and www.lightstalkers.org/phc to see what I do with them.
  11. rossawilson1
    Hi Paul, just had a look at your prison photographs.. amazing texture, form and light.. what an eye you have! That Leica quality certainly is evident.
  12. ron110n
    Hello Paul, welcome aboard and I think we all know each other the moment we arrive here at LeicApug.
  13. phc
    A question rossawilson1 - what film are you using for your night pictures?
  14. rossawilson1
    I use Ilford Delta 400.. I will then push it to 800 or 1600 but where I can leave it at 400. I find the smoother tones really help in such a contrasty environment. I also use it for most of my day shots too.
  15. sinnlicht
    For those interested in the M5 I have recently updated the wiki entry and would be grateful for any comment or corrections.


  16. colrehogan
    Hi, just joined this group. I have a IIIc and an M6 TTL. I think they are telling me to get them out and use them.
  17. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff

    Just discovered the "Social Group" aspect of APUG.

    I shoot an M3, M5 and CLE as well as a Minolta 35 Model II. Quite a few lenses, but my favorites would have to be my Summicron DR 50mm, f/2 and my Rokkor 28mm, f/2.8.

    Shoot mostly Velvia or Ilford b/w.

    Jeff M
  18. kennethcooke
    Hello all- I am new to this group and would just like to say Hi. I am based in the West Riding- UK and leica M system user in fact all my photographic equipment is made by Leitz. I am happy to go into more detail but this is just meant as a brief introduction
  19. Peter Markowski
    Peter Markowski
    Hi. My name is Peter and I'm new to the group. I got starting using a Leica in 2000. Leica M6 with the Summilux-M 1.4 35mm. I've shot with it in 5 European countries, 1 in South America, and not enough in North America. I'm in Canada, Alberta. I process and print all of my b/w film (this is 95% of what goes through the Leica) mostly HP5. Thank-you.
  20. kennethcooke
    Hi Peter and welcome. It is good to hear your M6 adventures. Like you my drug of choice is M6 in fact I have a couple of bodies and Summicron optics. I am in the process of trying to set up my own darkroom but I have not done my own B&W processing for 30 odd years as I tended to shoot colour reversal exclusively- Kodachrome II in the UK and Agfa CT18 in the Alps
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