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Leica Users

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  1. Peter Markowski
    Hello all! I was looking at the rapid softies. Does anyone have them and what are your thoughts, is it worth the expense? Does it give a softer press and reduce sympathetic vibration for longer exposure times?? Thank-you in advance

  2. Muihlinn
    Tom's soft release worths the little money what I paid for it, eons ago. It makes a difference in smoother shutter release allowing me sharp pictures 2 points slower than before using it, but as every double edged sword it fires sometimes with little pressure when carrying the camera with the shutter armed.
  3. shutterhack
    Hi everyone, I've just joined this group, I use a poor man's Leica, the R6 with a Suumicron-R 35/2.0 and Elmarit-R 90/2.8. I hope to find more of the rare species (the R users) here and as usual of course I always envy all you lucky M users. I'm based in Malaysia hope to make friend here.

  4. jimcollum
    just joined the group.. M2 with preasph 35/1.4, preasph 50/1.4, 75/1.4, preasph 21/2.8, VC 12, 15 (oh.. and an old m*... but won't go there here....)
  5. Muihlinn
    welcome jim!
  6. mhcfires
    Hi all,

    I became addicted to Leica when I found a nice IIIa. I now have two IIIa's, a IIIf and recently picked up a very nice M2 on the bay. I don't have any M mount lenses, I have a Summar, Summitar 50mm lenses , Summaron 35mm lens and an Elmar 90mm. The M2 has really spoiled me. I like the other cameras, but this one is wonderful.
  7. daleeman
    New to this group, on APUG for a while.
    Dad taught me on his IIIf. I have been using a Leicaflex SL, an R4mot and my favorite an M2. For our wedding aniv my wife got me an M8.2. So I love the Leicas.

    Member of the Leica Historical Society, we have our spring shoot here in Dayton Ohio, you should look into it. www.lhsa.org

    I have coordinated with the Charles M. Messer Leica Collection to bring about ten of the rarest Leicas to Dayton to be at our banguest on May 14th. I know you will wanbt to see these and you can by joining LHSA and comming to the Spring Shoot.

    The Charles M. Messer Leica Collection is housed at Miami University in Oxford Ohio and sometime in 2011 or 2012 will have the entire collection online for review. So many goodies, probably true... if Leica made it the collection has at least one of them.

  8. AbbeyFoto

    Just retired and joined this group with aim of reviving my Leica film kit.
  9. shutterclank
    i shoot with a couple leica m4's equipped with a 50mm, 35mm, and 50cm summicrons. yay for leica!!
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