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Leica Users

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  1. Sean
    Leica R8 owner here (as of 1hr ago) Gotta love ebay! I have it paired with a 35-70 F4 Vario-Elmar-R. It's a BEAUTY! It's always good to be in touch with with other owners in case I need some info or tips. If the groups grows I'll create a dedicated group forum for it.

  2. Richard Wasserman
    Richard Wasserman
    Hi Sean, Thanks for setting up this group and enjoy the R8, it's a great camera. I'm an M user and have an M2R and an M6 with an assortment of lenses with my favorites being a 50mm Dual range Summicron and a 35mm UC-Hexanon. Of course then there's the 21mmf/4.5 Biogon and a 75mm Summicron... Is anyone else here a member of the Leica Historical Society of America? I've been a member for several years and have made a number of good friends, very interesting people.
  3. df cardwell
    df cardwell
  4. Pinholemaster
    Can an M6 TTL user visit with the Leica R crowd?

    I have an entire gallery on my web portfolio shot with only my two M6 cameras.


    I used a 24 mm, 35 mm, and a 75 mm lens on the project.
  5. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Hi, another Leica fan here. I love my M3 DS that belonged to my dad. My primary lenses with it are the 50/2 Summicron, 90/4 Elmar, a little used 135 Hektor and a much loved 35/2.5 Skopar lens from Voightlander.

  6. Sean
    Just been playing with the R8 mirror pre-release. Pretty cool feature.. so just to make sure I'm clear on this.. when enabled and the shutter is fully pressed the mirror flips up, then the shutter fires, then pressing again releases the mirror. The shutter is so quiet it makes me feel like it's not firing but I'm sure it is. I might pop out and burn a test roll.
  7. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Sweet Camera Sean, I have never played with the R8 but I have shot with borrowed R3 and R4 in the past. The R system is underrated with really nice optics.
  8. Tony Egan
    Tony Egan
    A recent first time M6 owner (late TTL version). Wanted to experience the Leica "mystique". It hasn't magically improved my photos yet and I have not been impressed with the Leitz 90mm f2 lens - very soft wide open. Nikon is much sharper so I will be sticking to the Nikon for my gig photography. Also the shutter noise was not as quiet as the reputation had me believe. Compared to say my Mamiya 7 it's loud! So I would say we are still dating and haven't fallen in love yet! Maybe it will be a slow affair.
  9. Sean
    Just got back from a brief outing down at the shore. By the 15th frame it was comfortable and fluid to use. Feels solid like a small tank in my hands. I took a variety of shots to test out the 35-70, a few macros as the lens has a macro capability (can't remember the last time I had a macro so that was fun). I have a feeling I am going to love this camera. I consider myself clumsy with manual focus slrs but this is by far the most effortless of any I have used you can actually see everything SNAP right into focus the viewfinder is so bright even with the F4. So far pretty happy, time to make a few prints..
  10. John McCallum
    John McCallum
    Quietly checking in. <shhh> click <shhhhh>
  11. jnanian
    i have and use a m3 double stroke. i have a 35, 50 and 90 for it
    and love using it. i love how solid it feels and how it works pefectly.
    i was joking when i said it had an auto function
  12. Sean
    1st roll from the R8 is drying. They look gooooood, nice contrast and sharp as a tack. Will try to make a few prints tomorrow.
  13. Fintan
    Lovely camera Sean, good luck with it, I'm looking forward to hearing your experiences. I've an M7 in the classifieds at the moment. I don't think the rangefinder is for me. Perhaps I should have bought an R. So please keep us posted on your experiences with your R8
  14. Pinholemaster
    Sean, look forward to you posting your first images.

    Tony, I have a Mamiya 7 II system. Yes it is quieter than a Leica M camera because of its electronic shutter. The Leica has a manual shutter, albeit louder than the Mamiya, but still pretty quiet compared to other manufacturer's manual shutters. Never used a 90 mm f/2.0 so can't compare, but my 75 mm at f/1.4 is amazingly sharp.
  15. clogz
    Hello Sean,
    What lens(es) have you got for the R8?
  16. Sean
    I've got the Leica 35-70 F4 Vario-Elmar-R. My research showed this lens to have an edge over the F3.5 model. Most of them were going on ebay for 1200US but I found a Demo model that's absolute mint from Adorama for 650 (and it had a Leica UV filter on it which can be 120US -so very happy!).
  17. Tom Hoskinson
    Tom Hoskinson
    Single Stroke M3, Double Stroke M3, a CL and a bunch of lenses. I Also have a Visoflex and a sweet 65mm Elmar. Oh - and a Focomat.
  18. Tony Egan
    Tony Egan
    Walter - yes, probably unfair to compare two different technologies and the shutter is quieter than my SLRs, especially throwing film advance and mirror into the comparison equation. I suppose I am approaching my experience with a bit of scepticism trying to sort the truth from the myths. I would say the "whisper quiet" shutter is in the myth category so far!
  19. Pinholemaster
    Tony - what I found with the Myth of the quiet Leica M shutter is that in a quiet room the shutter sounds loud to me. It is when you are shooting with a lot of ambient sound, such as people talking and distracted from the shooter, the Leica M shutter is very quiet to everyone in the room. The shooter still hears the shutter, but everyone else doesn't notice it compared to shooting with an SLR. So the myth is how others perceive the shutter noise, not so much for us who are using the camera. When push comes to shove, the Mamiya 7 shutter beats the Leica M any day of the week. You make a good point in your original observation.
  20. Sean
    Posted my first shot with the R8, testing out the macro capability of the 35-70 lens. I'm going to love this camera btw the scan is crud, might need to upgrade my scanner at some stage, good enough though. http://www.apug.org/gallery/showphot...35988&ppuser=8
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