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Leica with Nikkor lens

  1. otherwise
    Using a Leica IIIf with LTM Nikkor SC 5cm 1.4 lens. Been experimenting with the close focus (18in.) ability the lens has. Have to carry a tape measure or use the strap to judge since the body will only focus to 3.5 ft. Anybody else having fun with that?
  2. M6F6E6
    Obviously not too many going for this idea??? I use my Zuiko lenses on the M6 now n then. Typically the 55/1.2 or the 35mm lens. Good results. I shoot a lot of star trails and stuff like that with tripod / long exposure, so focus is no biggie for me. It is so cool to be able to just use something manually this way - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Where did you get the Nikon adapter from? I got my OM adapter from Japan. Nice quality and a reasonable price.
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