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Leica C1 trouble

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    A Leica C1 just came in through the door. This is a nice little camera, compact, feels sturdy and should look foreward to a steady diet of films.

    When the camera came, there was a battery inside, and I noted that the shutters in front of the lens was slightly up.

    So I kinda expected the battery to be flat.

    I just reached up to a shelf over here and found several C123 3 volt batteries, used, but they should be OK after I weeded out some others a week back or so.

    But the camera did not fire up as expected, at first, trying the battery it came with, the little display blinked once and went dead.

    The new battery was a little better, it came on and the lens came out as expected, then the camera went dead.

    I tried several batteries, now it comes on, the lens moces a little forward then clicks, and retracts a little bit, with another click, the lens wavering between clicks, then the display goes out.

    I'm wondering, do this camera require a film in order to power up properly?

    Or is there another ailment that needs to be corrected by a professional?

    Will brand new batteries do the trick, I'm familiar with the concept of internal resistance in batteries, so that used batteries might not deliver the expected and needed voltage under load, even if it measures OK without a load (I've measured all my slightly used batteries, and all, except two measures more than the 3 volts the label says...

    Anyone familiar with these cameras?

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