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pentaxpete has LEICA also !

  1. pentaxpete
    My 1934 Leica II with the 1936 f2 Summar -- I DID have a IIIa with coated f3.5 Elmar with this one but it was stolen in a 'drive-by' theft as I was eating lunch at Thorpe Park, Surrey and my camera bag was on the ground beside me ! I got the older models from a Clergyman. I have some later models, a 1965 M2 and a 1986 M6, two 35mm f1.4 Summilux whcih came with the bodies, one German, one Canadian, a 1957 90mm f4 collapsible Elmar and a 1989 f2 Summicron.


    I hope to join in this Group now I have found you !
  2. contiki21
    I started my photography with pentax *istD(1st digital body) and moved to my beloved LX, one of best mf slr all kinds.
    For financial reason, I had to sadly let LX go.
    A few years later, I started photography again with leica iiic and now use m3.
    Glad to meet who use pentax and leica together.
  3. bensonga
    I'm another Pentax and Leica user. Started with a Pentax MX about 20 years ago, then moved to the Pentax 67 and 645 camera systems, which I still shoot with now and then. Bought my first Leica (R8) last year. Just joined this group tonight.

    Eagle River, Alaska
  4. pjferrante
    I love my M2 and Leitz glass. But I love my Spotmatic II and AOC glass too. ...Especially when I need a lens faster than f/2 or longer than 135mm. The old AOC S-M-C lenses are superb.
  5. pentaxpete
    Good to read about you -- let's see some of your LEICA pictures in the Group as I seem to be the only one supporting it with actual results !
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