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Linux Desktop Users

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  1. Sean
    I am close to trying photoshop and dreamweaver in wine. I didn't have much luck but maybe the new release is better. Will try it and post back. Oh, and if anyone is into streaming radio I tried quite a few apps and settled on Amarok which has all the shoutcast radio stations listed 100's to choose from and stream. great for working to!
  2. Lee L
    Lee L
    I worked out a business model shooting film and scanning and editing in linux, using native linux software or other software under wine. My film scanner's M$ driver support was dropped by the mfgr when XP appeared, but it's supported through Feisty in Ubuntu, and runs great with Viewscan. I use Picture Window Pro 3.51(?) under Wine, 16 bpp (before Photoshop was) and much more intuitive for a photographer. You can also use Pixel (commercial), Krita, and Cinepaint for 16 bits/pixel in linux. Gimp should be 16bpp with the next major update after 2.4, when the GEGL integration is in place. This fall?

    I like VLC for streaming audio, and have also used Rhythmbox happily to play FLAC files from another networked computer.

    I quit using Dreamweaver when I moved to linux. I found Nvu worked for what I needed at the time, now it would be Kompozer, but I don't maintain web pages anymore.

  3. arigram
    Is there a plugin for Gimp that clears dust out of a print?
    Infrared only works with negatives in VueScan and somehow, the scanning process is able to pick up dust and hair from a print that are impossible for the human eye to see. As much as I clean the scanner and print, they don't seem to go away.
  4. Lee L
    Lee L

    Have you checked the bottom side of the scanner glass, opposite the print? Mine needs to be cleaned, but I haven't had the time to disassemble and clean it. Newer versions of the GIMP have a "healing brush", but I don't know of an automated dust removal plug-in off the top of my head. I usually do that in Picture Window with scanned negatives.

    You're aware of the GIMP plug-in registry? http://registry.gimp.org/

  5. arigram
    Thanks Lee, but I went through all these steps before I asked for help here. I even posted in Ubuntu Forums, but I rarely get any answer to my questions and problems there.
  6. keithostertag
    HI all- I am a Linux newbie. I had tried Linux several years ago and haven't seen it since. I was a little familiar with RedHat and Suse, though I never got used to the graphical interface- I like the text interface better for most things. I'd like to try it again, mostly for the fun. I am interested in learning computer programming, and Unix in general. I'm in my mid-50's and college educated in an art related field though I also have some engineering background. I want to put it on an old extra computer I have that only has 124MB of RAM. I have read that the install for Ubuntu requires 384MB of RAM, so I am assuming I can't use that.... Can someone recommend to me a distribution package? Other than programming I will only use it for minimal Internet browsing and downloads- won't need to play music or videos. Thanks.
  7. Lee L
    Lee L

    Try distrowatch.com They have many descriptions and reviews of small distributions. There should be a way to view only the small distributions and compare them. Xubuntu is smaller than Ubuntu, but will need more RAM than 128 to run. See if you can find some memory to bulk up the old computer to 256Mb RAM and you'll have a wider choice of distributions. You can lighten the burden on your hardware significantly if you don't need Gnome or KDE as your desktop.

  8. q_x
    Hi keithostertag. First of all - Ubuntu is a fork of Debian. Debian will install on machine with 124 (128?)MB ram. If you have some OS there - you can try Dyne:bolic (from dynebolic.org), wich is "strange" and not as user-friendly, as it should be, but working livecd distro brewed for media-activists and artists. Docking/nesting makes running from hdd extremly easy and fast. But, because it is fully free, you won't find any non-free drivers there. You can try it before it will consume your space on hdd. Any distro with XFCE or Fluxbox should run reasonably fast on such machine. Be sure to try also Puppy Linux (or DSL).
  9. keithostertag
    Thanks guys, that's what I needed to hear. I will check them out.
  10. arigram
    So, what distro is everyone running?
    I have Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron i386 and I am only moderately satisfied. There are many bugs (some serious), some areas than need definitive improvement in usability and not all my hardware is well supported. Yet, I am not going back to Windows (even though I have to dual boot for some things) and I am not experienced in Linux nor have the time to really try out other distros.
  11. argentic

    I have been a happy Linux user for about 8 years now. The last 3 years I've used LinuxOS, Mandriva and Ubuntu except for.... Photoshop. I use GIMP a lot, but Photoshop is really so much more powerfull. And GIMP ergonomics are not really my tast either. I only use the GIMP because there isn't really anything else in Linux. Photoshop CS2 under wine works, but veeeeery slowly. So I keep a dual boot exclusively for Photoshop and Lightroom.

    I make my websites with joomla (e.. Phot-O-Vergne), and the latest 1.5 version is really everything I need. For years I've used Homesite, Frontpage and Dreamweaver. But Joomla is simply the best there is at this moment. Very stable, losts of great plugins, a very large community, and a joy to use.
  12. argentic
    BTW, I think that this reading posts backwards is a real PITA. Why not stick with the habitual APUG ways?
  13. Alex Bishop-Thorpe
    Alex Bishop-Thorpe
    I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 on a HP Compaq Presario C700 laptop, previously dual booted with vista, now with XP. It's remarkably compatible with my hardware though, a few things I had to fix but I'm happy. It's sitting next to me playing some music and downloading apache. The house wifi reaches to my darkroom, I found out
  14. q_x
    I'm currently using mash of legacy pure:dyne and dyne:bolic. There are some tools i *love*, the distros was bild to use it (PD with extras and Veejay). Dual-booting is very easy, it takes only about 600MB of disk, without need of repartitioning (just need to copy folder from CD to HD). I've been using Debian for a year or so, and it was much better, but bigger also (I have 20GB disk). Hopefully i will install it back soon. I will travel less, so Windoze - needed to work only - will be kicked off. Both distros sometimes need serious tweaking. Day to day use of d:b can be hard, there is very little software packaged, but for sound/visual/video artists and to do some performances - it rocks.
  15. arigram
    Does anyone have trouble burning DVDs with Ubuntu 8.04? I've tried all the burning programs out there and even though they report no errors, the DVDs appear empty in Windows and often unmountable in Linux.
  16. reverend jay
    reverend jay
    Hey arigram if you haven't tried it already go ahead and give K3B a whirl http://k3b.plainblack.com/download
    I've never had a problem with burning DVD's with that. Also you may even want to try some other distros if you haven't already. I've tried just about every major distro and Ubuntu is probably my least favorite. I think it's popularity only stems from the many support groups that are out there. Just like cameras Linux distros have their fans but I don't think there is a more polished distro right now than OpenSuse. There Enterprise SUSE is even more polished.
  17. Phillip P. Dimor
    Phillip P. Dimor
    Hi all. I first ran Slackware 1.2.13 a looong time ago, loved it. Eventually I migrated to FreeBSD (sorry) but have liked Ubuntu as it is very user-friendly. Also have ran LinuxPPC on an powermac 8100av (painful but it made a great mp3 server that was hooked up to my stereo)
    and had a neat little sun sparcstation ipc that once ran SunOS 4.1 but later threw NetBSD on it. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.
  18. titrisol
    Do you guys know of any distro that can be run from a CD/DVD?
    I have a new laptop (TOSHIBA) and want to try-before-install

    PS. Never mind, found the ubuntu Live DVD option
  19. arigram
    I wait to try out Ubuntu 8.10.
    If I am displeased with it, I will try some other distro such as SUSE and Mandrake.
    At the same time I am paying close attention to KDE but until it gets up to 4.2 or 4.3 I won't bother with it.
  20. argentic
    I have been experimenting with The Gimp, Digikam, Bibble Pro, Rawtherapee and Pixel for some time. Under Linux ofcourse. Every program has its own advantages, but I haven't found the ideal replacemnt for Lightroom + Photoshop yet. Any experiences from you guys?
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