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Linux Desktop Users

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  1. Sean
    Just getting the social groups system rolling, thought I would add an Ubuntu group
  2. Eric Rose
    Eric Rose
    Hi Sean. So I have Mandrake or as it's called now Mandriva. Does Ubuntu have all the same stuff?? I need a webserver for testing, an FTP server and be able to tie it into my winblows network.
  3. jd callow
    jd callow
    I'm a geek!!! and it look like I'm a joiner too. Geeze i need a life
  4. Eric Rose
    Eric Rose
    Also anyone have experience with Joomla?
  5. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    I'm not an ubuntu user. But I've played with Joomla. It's OK. Very powerful but there is alot to get your head around. Really depends what you want to do with it and whether there are plugins already available for what you want to do.
    If you need to write your own plugins, then there is a a very steep learning curve to do so.
    I find some of the Joomla sites I have visited to be slow performing. Its very heavy on php and MySQL so you need to run it on a quick server.

    As for webserver testing, take a look at


    there is a version for Mandrake and it makes life really simple for setup of everything you need.
  6. Sean
    I think I'll rename the group to Linux Users
  7. Trond
    I have been using Linux for the last nine years. Currently a very happy Debian user, running Debian testing on my laptop, and Debian stable on my webserver.

    I set up a Joomla site a couple of years ago. It worked fine, although the administration interface was incredibly confusing and overly complicated. Hopefully it's better now. Currently I'm using Wordpress, and I am happy with that.
  8. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Another long term user of Linux, starting with Red hat quite a few years ago.
  9. Denis P.
    Denis P.
    Another long-term Linux user here (SuSE for the last 5-6 years as my main OS)
  10. Sean
    looks like my ubuntu auto update just took me to firefox 3.0 gold, cool off to get some ZzzzZzzz

    *edit, actually i think it might just be RC2 'help-about' doesn't say. it's speedy though!
  11. Lee L
    Lee L
    Been dual booting since I recovered an entire XP hard drive that wouldn't boot in Windows any more, using a Knoppix live disc. Still dual boot, but have booted XP only three times in the last four years for specific programs. I've run several distros, but settled on Ubuntu since 5.04. I keep an extra box to try out interesting new distros.

  12. Ulrich Drolshagen
    Ulrich Drolshagen

    I use Linux since the early 90's. It was Slackware-Distribution with Kernel 0.96pl12 or something like that then. Very early stage. I got it on dozens of 3.5" diskettes copied by a friend of mine using a PC-pool at the university. Sold my SVR4 afterwards. It was a PITA anyway. I am using SuSE 10.3 just now.

  13. Ian Tindale
    Ian Tindale
    I use Ubuntu to teach my students about Linux, but at home I run a headless Gentoo machine.

    Oh, I see, I join this end of the message queue, not the end I thought I was responding to. That means I've read each message backwards, and therefore my response will make about as much sense as a Martian cheesemonger.

    Oh, and someone start up a group about beer, will you?
  14. jd callow
    jd callow
    your wish:

    Oh, and someone start up a group about beer, will you?

    My command...
  15. Sean
    So.. what desktop do you guys prefer? I am currently on Gnome, I use a panel at top for shortcuts and one below for active windows. I use compiz so I can mousewheel between desktops. I have not tried other desktops yet so how would you go about trialing one without losing your current setup?
  16. Lee L
    Lee L

    With Ubuntu (and probably many other distros) you can install multiple desktops and choose when starting X which desktop environment you want. I have a second box that will do xfce, kde, or gnome, and remembers user preference for each user in my family. There are meta-packages in the repositories for doing this: xubuntu-desktop = xfce, kubuntu-desktop = kde, enlightenment, and some others. You can choose which to use with the "Session" button when logging into X.


    Just checked, and it looks like openbox, fluxbox, icewm, and fvwm are also in the repositories. I haven't run them on ubuntu. I have tried fvwm and icewm before, fvwm with an early RedHat, but haven't used them extensively.
  17. Sean
    Cool, I'll have a look when I feel a geek moment coming on
  18. Sean
    wow, all day apug has seemed slow, so i pop open my firefox console and lots of errors. but i go to to other vbulletin sites and same errors. I switch to the RC previous and everything is lightning and no errors. So just fyi, maybe my install is corrupt or the latest rc has issues. I think they are going gold any day now so maybe that will help..
  19. Lee L
    Lee L
    Two monitor gamma setting utilities that I thought might be useful for those here:



    gammapage is available in the ubuntu repositories and at getdeb.net for anyone with a debian based system.

  20. arigram
    Unfortunately I've found that the Linux photographic workflow is seriously lacking.
    Gimp doesn't do 16bit, my Canon inkjet is not supported fully (I use it to print CD/DVD labels, not pictures),
    there isn't a more intuitive way to handle color spaces, etc.
    Atleast Vuescan is pretty good, much better than XSane which screws up on negative scanning for example.
    Thus I am forced to run Photoshop through Wine and double boot to Windows XP for the printer.
    Oh and Hardy for some reason doesn't burn UDF disks well, making them appear empty...
    Good thing I don't do digital photography!
    I sound grumpy, but I am very happy with Ubuntu and Linux in general.
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