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well behaved scanners with Linux

  1. dburian
    Two questions:

    Images posted on APUG are obviously being scanned. Are folks scanning finished prints or negatives and then processing?

    What scanners behave well under Linux while retaining maximum dynamic range?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. steelneck

    Epson even produces their own drivers compatible with the GPL license through their sub.company Avasys Corporation:

    This is why Epsons just works out of the box in most distributions, the drives are alredy shipped together with the Xsane scanning software. Producers like Canon on the other side just refuse to release any information what so ever, causing developers an almost impossible situation. At Epson they seem to have understood that they get developers from around the world helping out for free by just skipping the secrecy, and thus getting a larger customer base for free.
  3. onepuff
    You can search for scanners / drivers and see how well they work here http://www.sane-project.org/sane-supported-devices.html.
  4. Lee L
    Lee L
    I have a Canonscan 2710 that I bought in 2000. A few months after I got it, XP came out and neither Canon nor M$ wanted to make the effort to write an XP driver for it. I did find a driver on an obscure German website, but officially my brand new scanner was orphaned. So I went looking and found Vuescan, which is commercial, but great, and reasonably priced. When I switched to linux a couple of years later, my Vuescan license was good there as well, and that's what I've been using under linux. Vuescan is a one-time charge, has perpetual frequent free updates, and an extremely long list of supported devices. So if you see a scanner that you like on the Vuescan compatibility list and don't mind purchasing Vuescan, it might open up a few extra possibilities. But linux natively supported the 2710 with a module for much longer than M$.
  5. IdahoPhotoist
    Humm being the tightwad feller that I am, and after buying an Epson with 35mm film capability, I started shopping the GoodWills and yardsales etc. My Epson works well in Linux, as does the Artec that will do 4x5, and and old Agfa scsi unit which will scan up to nearly 8.5 by 11 film and plate.... Linux just works great
  6. argentic
    My Epson V700 works out of the box with Ubuntu and Vista.
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