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Lith Printing

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  1. patricia de roeck
    This is a good idea! Been struggling with Lith for a while with no success at all but have recently tried the "bleach back/re-develop in Lith with the light on" system with better results so will try and refine this as I go - it will be good to share info and highs and lows with other addicts.
  2. mrtoml
    I use the other high silver Adox paper (fineprint vario classic) with a red safelight and have had no problems. I don't make any special allowance even though it is supposed to fog easily. I also use a darkroom torch.
  3. Gay Larson
    Gay Larson
    I could not figure out how to add a picture on the side. can you tell me how?
  4. bdial
    The groups add yet another place to put pictures, at least so far as I can tell.
    Click on the "add pictures" link.
    Then click on "albums"
    Once you create an album, and add photos to it, you can select from there to add photos to the group.
    There is probably a simpler way, but this method works.
  5. Fintan
    FYI Lith related post in the Enlarging forum;

  6. Toffle
    I am struck by the similarities between Lith printing and my own prints which I process in instant coffee. Tim Rudman tells me that the processes are quite distinct, particularly in that coffee does not promote infectious development. Still the tonality is quite similar. I just uploaded a shot titled Self Portrait - Broken to the gallery. For me, this is my most exciting process to work with. (and the smelliest)
  7. Romary
    I have upload a photo in the groupe.

    I have used LD20 and Fotrospeed lith paper.

    Feel free to comment. I am leaning a lot why comments.
  8. mrtoml
    I just got the latest issue of Silvershotz (Vol 5 No 2) and it has a profile of Skip Smith, one of my favourite lith printers. Worth a look if you get a chance.
  9. Fintan
    If anyone wishes to start a thread on Lith Printing instead of in this area, please goto this link

  10. ic-racer
    Just posted some recent Lith prints to the "pictrues" section.
  11. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Here are some of mine....
  12. Toffle
    I just added a picture to the gallery, Pelee Drive IR Coffee. Technically not a lith print, but the processing has a lot of lith-like properties. The title kind of says it all. Maco 820 Aura, split grade coffee print. I'm quite pleased with this print.
  13. djkloss
    Hi all, I just made my first lith print last night. What an adventure!
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