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Lith Printing

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  1. Fintan
    Welcome to the Lith Printing group. Please post any useful info on Lith Printing, share your work or problems with the process.
  2. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    How are you guys fairing with Fotokemika Varycon and lith printing? I am using it a lot for portraits and semi abstract stuff, because I like how gritty it is. The grain really appeals to me, and the larger I print the better it looks.
    I'd be interested in knowing what you guys think of it, if you've tried it at all.
    - Thomas
  3. Fintan
    When I read any mention of this paper I think of your abandoned house print, this paper is on my list to check out. I really love that grit.
  4. Gay Larson
    Gay Larson
    Just want to say hello, just found this.
  5. Gay Larson
    Gay Larson
    Where would you find this paper to buy?
  6. Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson
    Hello Gay, you can order it from Freestyle at http://www.freestylephoto.biz If you don't use it for lith printing, it's fantastic for regular chemistry too, especially if you like to tone your prints. Selenium gives a very subtle added boost to the low values and sepia gives it nice glowing highlights.
    Some people think it doesn't have enough contrast. I call that long tonal scale. It's great paper! Especially the glossy version is beautiful
    - Thomas
  7. Fintan
    Thomas do you know who stocks this in the UK/Europe?
  8. Fintan
    A topic of interest to Lith printers here LINK

    Tags seem like a great idea but until then if anyone spots a new thread in APUG about anything Lith, please post here.
  9. Romary
    Very good idea this group. I have started lith printing very recently and I have everything to learn.
  10. nze
    Hi all , just a good idea to share information and tips.
    I keep on investigating lith printing and I'll be pleased to learn more
  11. VincentM
    Hello everybody, salut Chris
    I am a new member from the Netherlands though I am french.

    With an impulse from Nze I decided to try out to make my "own" soup or let's say to use well known lith formulas and experiment with them. I would like to know which formula should I use as a start? Ansco 70 or 81 or one of the many Kodak??

    Thanks for your feedbacks,

  12. terri
    Just found the group after a nudge from Gay (thanks Gay!). I took a workshop with Tim Rudman last year and have been hooked ever since. Will post some images soon.
  13. Gay Larson
    Gay Larson
    Terri and I took the same workshop with Tim Rudman and I also am so hooked on lith printing. I found the toning so interesting and so much to learn. I have to read my notes to remember what we did.
  14. Jeanne
    Hi folks, I've been lith printing a lot this past year and am experimenting with my own brews. I'll enjoy having a place to get some feedback & help!
  15. mrtoml
    Has anyone tried the ADOX fineprint nuance warmtone paper with lith yet? Silverprint have it and I am going to place a paper order soon... I am also going to try the Foma Nature II.
  16. Fintan
    Is ADOX fineprint nuance warmtone paper sold under a different name elsewhere?
  17. mrtoml
    Tim Rudman listed it in his latest update on lith papers:

    "Adox Nuance Warmtone
    Fixed grade FB papers on 300g support. Grades 2 & 3. Care: Red safelight essential. Both grades lith print, my preference being for Gr.3. Good in LD20. If using Arista or Clayton lith developers use higher dilutions for best results."

    Silverprint have it so I was tempted, but wondered if anyone had tried it as it is quite expensive. I don't know if it has other names.
  18. Gay Larson
    Gay Larson
    Can you use a Thomas Duplex safelight with the Adox paper? I have been lith printing with it turned way down with no problems. Of course I have the safelight torch Tim Rudman had at the workshop so that helps.
  19. Gay Larson
    Gay Larson
    bdial, tell us what you used in printing the cityscape, it is really nice. I like the pink tones. Very nice in this scene.
  20. bdial
    Gay, thanks for the compliment.
    It's printed on Forte Polywarmtone using Fotospeed lith developer, no toning.

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