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Lith Workshops

  1. RPippin
    Having been involved in Lith printing for the last 9 months, on my own, with books in hand and internet searches, lots of experimenting, (as in wasted a lot of good paper) I'm wondering if there is any workshops available on the East Coast. If not, shouldn't we have one? With all the experimenting and reading I've been doing, by the spring of 2010 I should know enough to do a begginers workshop myself. I have feeling there are a lot of folks out there working on their own, or would like to try it out, but run into the same thing I've been faced with. The rain forest will thank us. I have a darkroom at home that 4 people could work in at the same time. Any thoughts?
  2. bhb
    I am looking for a course for lith printing. I would like to develop my darkroom techniques.
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