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Adox Nuance

  1. Romary
    Is somebody have done some lith print with Adox Nuance paper?

    I would like to see some examples.
  2. Angelo di Mango
    Angelo di Mango
    I never tried it myself but plan to do it.
    I heard a few french printers say say it was a great paper for lith (though i doubt as good as forte or else we would already know...)
  3. laparn
    I will (finally) soon download pics in my portfolio where you will find examples of Nuance.

    A great paper really and the lith grain is a killer fresh out from developer. Distinct, accentuated and rough...but smooth. Smooth overall image from an overview, rough if consdering the grains in close study.

    I pretty much love Fomatone MG Classics FB due to the variety and the appearance but the Fomatone lith grains do benefit from a toner after treatment, i.e preferably Selenium.
    The Nuance do have a very nice grain itself and in this sentence there is no need of toning really. A great option if you do not intend to do after treatment. Nuance will only marginally change characteristics in respect of color at toning (compared to the chameleon paper Fomatone who offer enormous transformation possibilities from one appearence [color, grain, split-effects etc] to another). You will get fine warmtones from Nuance anyway but not as much as other warmtone papers.

    A great paper for general use as well. Cheap(er) than other competitors so I must add a recommendation if you aim for different papers to keep in stock. for lith as well as conventional printing.

  4. Romary
    Thanks a lot Per for the info
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