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Northern Louisiana

  1. krathognis
    Looking to connect with other analog enthusiasts in Northern Louisiana.
  2. Aristotle80
    Not in North Louisiana, but I figure Baton Rouge is not far off.
  3. oldtimermetoo
    Just checking in. I guess NW Louisiana qualifies though most of the outdoor photography in this area is in a four-state area: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma (a portion of each state, naturally). That said, there are real mountains, Cypress lakes, rivers, swamps encompassed in the area. Welll!, maybe not mountains in Louisiana. And, if you are looking for old towns, etc., there is Natchitoches, LA, older than New Orleans and any other town built by Europeans in the Louisiana Purchase. If that is your interest, in addition to the old buildings in town, there are numerous Pre-Civil War plantation homes along the Cane River. If you are looking for Shrimpboats, however, I guess you do like we do and head South......Regards
  4. StephenSteinke
    Cane River
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