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Lumen workflow

  1. guitstik
    I have been asked what my work flow is and the set up that I use to make my prints.
    It is relatively simple, I find something that I find interesting and then I try to figure out how I want to present it, all that is is personal taste.

    After I have done all of that I take a piece of old photo paper and place the item on it, cover with a piece of glass then set it in the sun for a few hours. Simple.

    All that is left is to fix and wash.
  2. willrea
    I've never liked the look of an untoned lumen print. I usually tone in gold, sometimes selenium. Rarely I split-tone them.
  3. guitstik
    How do you tone your prints?
  4. willrea
    My procedure is to do everything under subdued light. First I quickly soak the print in water. Then I tone it, my gold toner is a gold/thiourea toner I used for Kallitypes. Once I'm done toning I rinse it for about a minute, then fix for the appropriate time for any paper. Then wash.
  5. guitstik
    Do you brush the toner on the print?
  6. willrea
    Nope, just let it soak, just like toning any other darkroom print.
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