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  1. bsdunek
    I always was disappointed with the loss of color when fixing Lumen prints. This time I used Chromoskadasic Stabilizer before fixing. It sure seems to fix the color. I'll be using this again.
  2. willrea
    It'd be interesting to see what a print looks like before fixing, after fixing and using the stabilizer and fixing. To keep color and to counter and bleaching I tone my prints.
  3. Nicholas Lindan
    Nicholas Lindan
    Stabilizer certainly works - just posted a lumen print of rhododendron blossoms. I tried playing around with all the chromoskedasik stuff, but a 30 second dip in stabilizer and then fix and wash produces the best results. I made up the stabilizer myself: 100gm Am. Thiocyanate, 35gm S. Metabisulfite, 30ml 28% Acetic Acid, water to make 500ml; diluted it 1:4 for use.
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