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lumen prints ( sort of ) and retina prints

  1. jnanian
    i spend a lot of my time making photograms either in a darkroom
    or with the sun. a lot of them are with cyanotype chemistry,
    and the rest of them are with old photo paper.
    even hand coated metal plates ...
    and some times they are done in a camera ..

    i have prints that seemingly have not been destroyed in sunlight
    or darkness and it happened by accident one day ..

    i had some old glass plates that i coated with 15 year old liquid light
    and after it was put in the sun i stuck it in DEVELOPER ..
    it was my spent old sumatranol 130 .. which has a lot of coffee, sodium carbonate and vit c in it
    and a shake of ansco 130 ...
    then i fixed the image and it didn't vanish ..

    so if you have some spent developer ( not sure if it matters what it is )
    it might help save your images ...
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