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Jazz with M42 lenses

  1. pentaxpete
    Thought I would take some M42 gear next time I wenmt to the Blue Boar Inn, Maldon , Essex ( England) for their Jazz Club evening -- I took a PRAKTICA LB as it had a brighter screeen and larger area of the microprism than my PENTAXes -- I took a 50mm f1.8 Super-Takumar off my PENTAX SV, a Russian 85mm f2 Jupiter I got for £1-00 at my Club auction and a 105 mm f2.8 SMC Takumar I got in 1973 -- film was 1998 dated Fuji Neopan 1600 I processed in 'PROMICROL' liquid developer 1+14 for 30 mins as previous tests indicated a longer time than the 19 minutes in the instructions. I enlarged the negs onto BARFEN Resin paper with a DURST M305 + 50mm f4.5 El-Nikkor lens and developed in a Home-made formula , fixed in home-made Alkalie Fix formula ...... I was disappointed with the focus on the 85mm f2 Jupiter -- none really sharp at f2 under a magnifier, also the 105mm Super-Takumar was soft at f2.8. Of course, there was some 'subject movement' as the Musicians played -- I had to be careful as I was only using 1/30 and 1/15 second shutter speed ( 'Guessing' the exposure frm previous tests ! )
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