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Lets find out who you are, and watcha got.

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  1. dances_w_clouds
    Just picked up another last night. It is the Auto Tamron 28mm f/2.8. From what I have read they are a fantastic lens around f/5.6. It is the only Tamron prime I have. I have been quite happy with their BBAR zoom lenses. It is now on my EOS 3 ready for the test.
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    It may be my turn. Dances With Clouds up on Vancouver Island has a new lens. I have some new "stuff" also.

    This last weekend was the time for a gathering of people with an interest in things other than photography. In fact, photography is only remotely related to this activity. However, in among all of the things there, one couple had brought two camera bags and the bags were there along with all of the other things they wanted to sell. Having an interest in both of the subjects is not a good thing. I bought both of the bags, and they gave me a full 1/3 discount.

    In among the things in the bags were a Japanese made Chinon AM-3 (not made in China) along with 3 lenses with M42 mount. An Auto CHINON 55/1.7 (with an aperture problem), an AUTO CHINON 35/2.8, and a Vivitar Series One 70-210mm f:3.5 zoom lens with the M42 mount. So the M42 Stuff is still growing.

    And that Vivitar Series One 70-210mm f:3.5 zoom lens with the M42 mount means that now I have that same lens made by Kino Precision in all four of the camera mounts that I normally use; Canon FL-FD, Minolta SR, Nikon F nAI, and M42.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  3. pentaxpete
    Hi all -- I posted the story about my latest FREE PENTAX GiFT in 'Spotmatics Anonymous' Group but the LENSES which came with it were : 28mm f3.5 SMC Takumar. 50mm f1.4 SMC Takumar ( YES !! the RADIO-ACTIVE one !) , 150m f4 SMC Takumar -- I have done some tests also using my own 1970's 50mm f4 SMC Macro-Takumar and posted on here.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Pete;

    I just lost my entire response written for your message. Let me see if I can remember this again.

    The TAKUMAR 50/1.4 SMC lens is indeed a nice lens. Yes, it does have a glass element containing Thorium or Lanthanum, usually in one of the rear lens groups. The level of any ionizing radiation is rather low, and it takes a really good Geiger counter to detect it. A scintillation counter will be better. Please keep in mind that if this were really a problem, then we would also have fogged areas or frames on our rolls of film that are exposed to this radiation much longer than we are while holding the camera. That Thorium or Lanthanum was used in that glass element to get the index of refraction needed to make the lens design work in the way that they wanted to get the performance desired. My early Minolta ROKKOR 58/1.4 lenses are built in the same way.

    One nice thing about them is that if you let them sit long enough, they will develop a nice yellow coloration that will begin to act like a built-in K2 yellow filter for black and white film.

    If you do not want it to do that, you can reverse it just by putting the lens in a south facing window with the lens tilted up to catch the sunlight and let it pass through the lens for a few days, and the UV light in that sunlight will restore that glass element to its crystal clear transparency. What is often considered to be a fault is easily corrected and fully restored to original performance.

    By the way, a radiation dosimeter is a device a person wears that contains a small strip of film, and when that film is taken out and developed, then it is examined for its density, and a darker density is an indication of a higher accumulation of that radiation.


    Latte Land, Washington
  5. pentaxpete
    Good Evening Ralph : Yes, I had read about leaving the yellowed lens in the sun and did that on our very last really 'sunny' day here and it had almost cleared but now is the Autumn upon us and the sun has lost it's strength.
  6. narsuitus
  7. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Hey, there are other people still out here doing things with M42 lens mount cameras. Nice.

    I have not done much with mine recently. The Kiev 120 roll film cameras have had some exercise, but there have been many other things happening out here in Latte Land. Life can have some surprises.


    Latte Land, Washington
  8. GRHazelton
    My first 35mm SLR was a Praktica LTL which I bought in about 1972, with a good f1.8 50mm. I added a 28mm, a second rate 135mm and a good Tamron 200 f3.5 Adaptamatic, or whatever name Tamron was using for their interchangeable mount lenses, and a set of extension tubes. The LTL gave excellent service, even after having bounced off a sidewalk! It has the best implementation of stop-down metering I've ever seen. Despite never having been serviced the shutter sounds accurate and, since the meter is a bridge device, it should function with any cell. I should get the 50mm serviced; the diaphragm is sticky, and get this old Cold War warrior back in service. Any recommendations?

    I also have my Father's AsahiFlex IIa, and a 35mm, the Takumar 50mm f3.5, 83mm f1.8, tubes, bellows, etc. My father was a wildflower photographer of no little skill. The 'flex show signs of wear, and needs an overhaul. Perhaps Eric Hendrickson can restore it to life. It would be fun to use it again.
  9. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    GR Hazelton; you have your father's camera. Nice. There really is something to having equipment like that where there is a family connection. Yes, I agree that the investment of a knowledgeable camera technician's time is something worthwhile to do.

    And, for Pete, I did receive a couple more Asahi-Pentax lenses recently. There is a 55mm f:1.8 SMC Takumar and a 28mm f:3.5 Super-Takumar wide angle lens. The 28mm is a nice addition. The widest one here before is a 35mm. I am really happy to have the 28mm. Perhaps at some point I will also find a 24mm.

    Then there is the big one in this group of three in the latest arrivals; an Asahi-Pentax 85-210mm f:4/5 SMC TAKUMAR-ZOOM close focusing zoom lens down to 1.8:1 with the Attachment Close Focusing Lens and the lens shade along with the case. This is my first early Asahi-Pentax zoom lens. It will be interesting to see what it does. It is funny that the front lens cap actually fits the outside of the lens shade, which slips backwards over the front barrel of the lens. This is an interesting way to combine the storage of the lens shade with the front lens cap.

    And, to meet the requirements of the thread title, I am Ralph, of Latte Land, Washington.


    Latte Land, Washington
  10. Aleksej6
    Hi boys. I am new on Apug and this is my first group!
    I like M42 thread for the simplicity to go along with one lens only, often, and the 'old-school' manner of changing the lens, if necessary.
    I began with a Praktica FX-2, solid mechanical construction, and extremely useful waiste-level viewfinder (rare on a 35mm reflex, typical on Prakticas and Holgas...). I find the waiste-level very useful for street photography. The lens is Domiplan 50mm, then I added a Pentacon 135mm. More recently I bought a Cosina 4000S with a 50mm Cosinon S 1.7, I like it aesthetically.
  11. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Aleksej;

    Welcome to the M42 Group. Yes, there is merit in using some of the older technology, in many different fields. I also like the simplicity of the M42 mount. I remember from back in the 1960s how a machinist heatedly explained to me how difficult it was for a machinist to accurately get everything right every time to make a bayonet camera lens mount work properly every time. He explained how much simpler and more precise it was to just get the starting point of the threaded section properly aligned to have the focusing scale come out on top when the lens was seated in the lens mounting flange.

    While it does not have an M42 lens mount, the Ihagee Exakta 35mm SLR camera (arguably the world's first "system SLR camera") also had interchangeable viewing systems and focusing screens, including a waist-level finder. Yes, the waist level finder does have useful simplicity, ease of use, applicability, and the ability to aim the camera without having it up in front of your face so that everyone knows you have a camera.

    And I still enjoy using even my KMZ Zenit EM SLR camera with its M42 mount. I do like the Helios-44M-7 58mm f:2 lens mounted on it.

    Yes, there are Asahi-Honeywell-Pentax 35mm camera bodies and TAKUMAR lenses here also. The Asahi-Pentax was the camera that popularized the M42 mount here in the USA, to the degree that to many people it became "the Pentax Lens Mount," even though it was designed back in 1939 at the Carl Zeiss-Jena Werke for their Contax S 35mm SLR camera, but World War II interfered with the start production date for the Contax S, and it was delayed until after World War II until it finally went into production at the VEB Zeiss-Ikon Werke in Dresden, later Pentacon (sometimes it is hard to keep track of the names as they merged and changed), and appeared in the shops for sale in 1949. However, it was such a widely accepted lens mounting system adopted by so many camera makers in so many different countries that one name for it is the UTM or "Universal Thread Mount." And the Contax S camera body shape with the viewing pentaprism on top with the side traveling focal plane shutter influenced the entire SLR camera body development even up through today's DSLR cameras. A 75 year legacy is pretty impressive.


    Latte Land, Washington
  12. mckay3d
    I acquired my first 35mm SLR in 1965, a Pentax H3v with the standard 55mm f/1.8 Super Takumar. Shortly after that I bought a 35mm f/3.5 Auto-Takumar. I still have that camera and several other Pentax thread mount cameras and various lenses. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Pentax K from overhaul and have lately been shooting and processing B&W film in Caffenol and D-76. Just too much fun!
  13. mckay3d
    Just got my Pentax K back from Eric. Now to shoot some Tri-x to try it out!
  14. f/16
    I have a Praktica LB and want to get a Spotmatic. M42 lenses I have are: Jupiter 37a 135 3.5, Domiplan 50 2.8, Sears 135 3.5, and Takumar 28 3.5.
  15. CarolynArteaga
    Have fun
  16. thewrongdevice

    I have a Spotmatic SV - a bit old and worn-out but not that much. It goes with a Super-Takumar 2/55; one of the best lenses I had the chance to use.
    I also use a Spotmatic F with different lenses, lately a Zeiss Pancolar 1.7/50.
    My favorite combo is my black Bessaflex with the Super-Takumar 1.8/55 or with the Zenitar 1.7/50.
    My second body is usually a Praktica MTL-5b with its Pentacon 1.8/50 screwed on.
    For the rainy days I have a Zenit 12xp with a Zeiss Flektogon. The whole stuff was less than $30 and working perfectly.
    (I also use M39 SLRs but this is another matter.)

    Does anyone have experience with good M42 portrait lens (shorter than 135mm but longer than 58mm)? Which one would you recommend?
  17. f/16
    I recently got a Spotmatic II with Takumar 50 1.4.
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