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Upcoming Exhibit in Hallowell Maine to honor Woody Guthrie Centennial Year

  1. Riverviewer
    Unique photography exhibit : Maine Traditional Film Photographers and community guest photographers ( 21 photographers in all) in conjunction with The Harlow Gallery present an all Black and White photographed images-
    "This Land is Your Land: Photography Inspired by an American Legend- Woody Guthrie"
    Grand Opening event: Friday Nov. 2, 2012 5-8PM
    Nov. 4th , 2012 Sunday Free and open to the public Folk Music performance by Maine folk musician Bill Berlinghoff @ 2 PM at the Gallery.
    Nov. 11th , 2012 Sunday Free and open to the public Folk Music performance by Maine folk musicians David Peloquin and Bob Webb @ 2 PM at the Gallery.This is a 'Woody's Songs for Children" concert. Bring the young ones ages 2-12.
    Nov. 15th 2012 Art Talk and Movie Night @ 6:30 PM METFP member Lloyd Ferris will give an Art Talk about the exhibit and then we will watch " Woody Guthrie: This Machine Kills Facists". Discussion to follow. Free and Open to the public.
    www.harlowgallery.org for more information or email this posting.
    Come on out and help celebrate this centennial year! Actual Event dates are Nov. 2- 24th, 2012
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