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Light seal replacement

  1. mfairchild
    Has anyone taken a swing at replacing the seals on their Mamiya. I just purchased a 1000S and the seals are done. Iv'e ordered a replacement kit from Jon Goodman online but was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas about this undertaking
  2. zsas
    I used Goodman's seals and it has worked out wonderfully!

    He has some instructions that come with the kit and I remember not even reading them, it was that intuitive.

    Best! Andy
  3. Chris Douglas
    Chris Douglas
    Had no trouble using the kit.
    A couple tips:
    Be careful where you put naptha, its a lot easier to add some than to clean it out where you didn't want it.
    Most of the work is cleaning off the old gunk, take your time.
    An old empty inkjet printer refill bottle with the hypodermic-like needle is handy for dispensing naptha.
  4. mfairchild
    Got my kit from Jon and everything is installed and good to go. Great kit and really easy to replace. The damper seals were a little tricky to replace by looking in the mirror though.
    Felt really good replacing them myself. The camera shop here in Ottawa Canada quoted me $100 and up just for the door seals to be done.
  5. aurum earring
    aurum earring
    As of the date I post this Jon Goodman is still making seal replacement kits. Installation is not difficult. I suggest using naptha (lighter fluid) rather than alcohol as the alcohol seems to remove the paint. I further suggest you dry fit pieces to ensure proper placement. Some of the widths aren't immediately obvious.
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