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Metering options

  1. chris_oz
    Hi all,
    I just got a 645 1000S with a WLF.
    I was wondering what other people use for metering. I have a Sekonic light meter, but was also considering an iPod with a light meter application. Has anyone tried that?
    considering the weight of the camera, I'm reluctant to lug around more stuff if I don't need it.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. JimO
    pentax 1 degree spotmeter - old analog! none of this digital stuff!!!

    i figure after carrying the camera, a lens or two, filters, a meter is the least of the burden!!!

  3. agfarapid
    Hi, I'm new to the group but have had an ongoing affair with all things Mamiya years. Although I have a working prism meter for my M645, I rarely use it since I find it quite cumbersome albeit accurate. My favorite handheld meter ia a Seconic L 398 incident. Doesn't use batteries and highly accurate.
  4. snederhiser
    Hello Jim;
    I have a 645 1000S also and use the AE prism and the waistlevel finder. Depends on what I am shooting for instance. Cars and motorcyles I use waistlevel finder and my old GE lightmeter. For vertical shots the AE prism is used. The left hand bracket or hammer head flash mounted on the left is also part of my setup. I shoot B&W and exposure is never a problem, even with the old GE meter. Steven.
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