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What is your preference?

  1. Ektagraphic
    What lenses do you like? Do you shoot more with a prism if so metered or non metered or do you use a waist level finder? I have the 45mm, 80mm, 80mm Macro, and 150mm lenses. They seem to be just what I need. I enjoy using the waist level finder the most. I love not having the camera up against my face when I am doing walk around/street photography. I love the fact that it forces me to meter every shot myself instead of being lazy and using an in camera meter. I have the prism too and use it occasionally.......I like using the prism with the left handed grip. That's a nice combination.
  2. L Gebhardt
    L Gebhardt
    I've only had mine (Pro TL) for about a month. All the lenses are nice, but I really like the 55mm, 80mm and 120mm macro. I wish the 150mm and 210mm focused closer. I use a non metered prism mostly. The waist level finder isn't for me because I shoot vertically about half the time.
  3. 2F/2F
    I like the 55mm C, the 80mm C, the 80mm f/1.9, and the 210mm f/4 for sure. If the 300mm f/5.6 is as good as the 200, and if the 45mm is as good as the 55mm, I know I will like them as well. They are next on the list for sure.

    I like the WLF, but I always prefer to use a prism. I sold my metered prism along with my third body, and intended to purchase a plain prism instead. I don't like all that metering junk sticking into the composition when I never use the meter anyhow. However, finding a plain prism in good shape for a good price has proven difficult.

    I have a plain M645 and a 1000S. (Both bounce and ruin pictures at the top shutter speed.) I have one WLF (with sportsfinder and mask insert) between the two, a left hand grip, and a motor drive (allows right hand firing and left hand focusing, which is the main reason I wanted to get it). For lenses, I have the 55, the regular 80, and the fast 80. I have a 210 that is on semi-permanent loan, though I do want to get my own copy. I got lucky and also have a nice metal case for it all and four film inserts with cases (two 220 and two 120).

    So, the "wants" for the system for me are:

    standard prism (or two)
    my own copy of the 210mm
  4. dances_w_clouds
    Great group. I currently use my Mamiya 645 Super with the 150mm for the landscape type of shooting I do. I also have an 80mm I use a time or two but planning on a 45mm & 210mm in the near future. Right now I just shoot with a eye level prism. I have also just purchased a power winder which makes for great right hand shooting. I had a CLA on it last year so I know I can shoot comfortably for a few years to come.
  5. Drew B.
    Drew B.
    I have a super body w/the 80mm lens and the 50mm shift lens. I also use the non-metered prism. I used to have a 35mm lens and sold it (don't know why) for a song but now need it or another 35mm back and they are quite pricey!! Love this model and/or the pro system. Oh, on the Super system, watch out for using a winder on it... can lead to problems.

  6. Nikon Collector
    Nikon Collector
    Use a 645 1000s with pd prism and 55, 80, 110, and 150mm lenses
  7. h**la
    Informative discussion, but I could use some advice. I'm just coming back to the darkroom from the "DIG" electronics and still trying to get back to shooting w/o a meter.
    All my 645 lenses are 80mm or wider except for my 105-210mm zoom. I have no tele primes and would appreciate any help regarding any quirks the zoom might have at
    the wide and tight ends. Also, knowing prime lenses are better than zooms which do you consider the best lenses in this range, it's too late for my bankbook now-but who
    knows?? WoW a 300mm would be unreal - thanks for any info. Cheers from OZ, h**la
  8. Curt
    I have a m645 model and a 1000s model, I bought the m645 new with new lenses, I use the 80mm the most, the 55 next and then the 105-210 now that I have it, the rest as needed. I have the original Mamiya 2X but only used it a couple of times. I too like the WLF and have two prism metering finders but the WLF makes the camera lighter and is just fun to use. I'll have to try the zoom with the 2X some time.
  9. Portellini
    I used to have a Mamiya M645 1000s. I sold mine in exchange for an Mamiya 645 AF. Nevertheless, I miss that camera. It was a joy to use the WLF along with th 80mm lens f/1.9. Anyhow, I still use one of my favorite lenses for the system on the AF body, the 55/2.8. Marvelous piece of glass. The 3D sense of an image is stunning! I had 2 M645 bodies. the last of which was with severe lightleak in the body structure and the replace would be too expensive. That's why I had to change the body. I did change for the Mamiya 645AF because of my wedding and portrait work I do professionally.
  10. h**la
    A bit of "schudder lag" in the group but I'm not a pro or even close, so no input offered ,sort of. The 55mm C is fantastic for landscapes

    , but I always seem to migrate back to the 80mm. My wife did Botany and Zoolgy. at uni. and is always requesting images of her plants.
    I can't afford the f/1.9 or the 120mm so I use extension tubes; pedestrian but effective when I cheat w/ the light meter on my K20d and bracket the images which corrects for incompetence.
    I have The 45 mm C and the larger zoom lens. Both truly great optics but very hard to carry uphill. I have an adapter for Mamiya to DSLR and the lenses are amazing. "big sweet spot" on the smaller sensors .
    Very interested in all Mamiya MF information
  11. Franswa
    I'm a huge fan of the 80/1.9. I shoot from a waste level finder.....I've gotten used to it, per se, but I wish I could shoot in portrait mode. I tried a buddy's that has a prism, and the viewfinder is quite tiny...not sure it's worth it for me.
  12. zsas
    Hi group - new guy on the block. Sole lens on 1000s is the 80mm 1.9 and having so much fun with it. Shoot it wide open generally which makes focusing so tricky. I use the CdS viewfinder a bit and waistlevel finder a lot. Since I am into the f/1.9 so much I need the waistlevel finder to nail the focus, especially since the depth of field is razor thin. Usually use the viewfinder when I know I need to do portrait aspect. I am not going to get more lenses and want to work on this 80mm lens for a while and really get to know it.
  13. Curt
    A metered prism and a 105:210 zoom. Why? When I started I only had a wlf and an 80mm lens. The one lens and prism is great for travel. A 55mm wide angle is added as is a tripod.

    I have more equipment but this is handy. Other choices would be a 55 & 80 or 150.
  14. h**la
    I have the "Beast" 105-210mm and a 45, 55 and the 80mm lenses. But I still migrate back to my 80MM. It's a great lens and if I had the money I'd love a 35mm but they have become a bit expensive of late?
    In hindsight I would have gone with the 55mm and jumped to the 35mm as the difference X the 55 and 45mm is not worth spending the money although both are quality glass and I also use them on my K20D with adapter.....big sweet spot.
    Also would love a 120 Macro instead of the extension tubes which are a pain to meter but I got em really cheap, so I can't complain.
    Cheers Mates
  15. CarolEverhart
    I preferred to learn new things....
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